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Whether you’re on land, sea, air, or shooting a rocket off to space, our proven track record and experience across engineering disciplines gives you the confidence that you never have to think twice.

We’ve done this by incorporating different disciplines and capabilities into any aerospace and defence project. The breadth and depth of our expertise and capabilities include mechanical design, electronics design, robotics and automation, numerical analysis, and much more.

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Rapid, agile, and creative.

Engineering solutions like you’ve never seen them before.

Some of our notable works in the field include:

    • Sonar array mechanical design
    • Virtual Reality Military Training Simulators design and build (with Bluedrop Training and Simulation)
    • Rapid design and commissioning of ship-borne deployment and retrieval systems
    • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for console system retrofit
    • Design and development of harsh environment enclosures and pressure vessels
    • Design and development of ship-borne vessels for the Victoria class submarines

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Working together with ACADA in advancing Aerospace and Defence locally, and around the world.

Enginuity is a proud member of the Atlantic Canada Aerospace and Defence Association (ACADA).

We work collaboratively with other industry members, as well as provincial and federal government agencies, in delivering world-class aerospace and defense engineering services.

Our specialty capabilities include: Shipbuilding, Design, and Engineering Services, and Marine Ship-Borne Mission & Platform Systems. You can check out our ACADA profile here.


Years in Business

Delivered Projects

Our Core Competencies

around the Aerospace and Defense space:


Design for EMC/EMI certified products/systems


Design to ASME, MIL-STD, ANSI and ISO standards


In-house Analysis, Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing

  • In house advanced static / dynamic / fatigue Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities
  • In house industrial design
  • In house prototyping and basic manufacturing tools for rushed items and quick turnarounds 

Design for Harsh Environment

Design for harsh conditions and local environmental testing.


Aluminum Welding

Extensive skillset and experience with aluminum welding


Ongoing Interactions with Canadian Forces

Ongoing interactions with Canadian Forces, USAF, BCIP, and other government entities as well as Boeing, BP, McDermott, and other big cooperations.


Extensive Document Control


Established Supply Chain

  • Established and local supply chain
  • Production, Assembly and Integration oversight

Quick Turnarounds

Quick turnarounds for innovative concepts and ideas


Agile and Innovative

Recent Projects

We work with the Canadian Forces, USAF, BCIP and other government entities.

compact portable hmts

Compact HMTS

Design of a mobile hoisting unit for tradeshows and easily transportable applications

Compact, lightweight, durable, and modular design




Design of a high fidelity TAPV mission trainer

Design for motion platform- mounted simulator, safety oriented, dynamic Finite Element Analysis (FEA) proofed


CH-149 Cormorant HMTS

CH149 Cormorant HMTS

Design for a Hoist Mission Training System for Royal Canadian Air Force 19 Wing @ Comox


RCMT enginuity


Rear Crew Mission Trainer Virtual Reality Training Simulators

Enginuity provides concept design, sourcing, fabrication, and assembly of Bluedrop’s range of futuristic military training simulators.


maayan harel

Maayan Harel, P.Eng.

Program Manager For Aerospace and Defense


Maayan heads Enginuity’s Aerospace and Defense Program following 7+ years of experience as an R&D Mechanical Engineer, Tech-Lead, and Project Manager.

Maayan has worked across various industries and fields, hailing experience from companies such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Roboteam, and Ziv-Av Technologies.

Maayan also has a strong academic background, graduating Summa Cum Laude and Valedictorian from Afeka College of Engineering with a BSc in Material Science, Fluid Mechanics and Energy Engineering in 2014.

Maayan’s expertise in technical programs include Solidworks, Creo Parametric, Autodesk Inventor, NI LabWindows/CVI, Matlab, and a lot more.

For more information, you may contact us here.

What Our Clients Say


“One of the most challenging aspects of what Bluedrop does, is to match physical and virtual training aspects to provide customers with an ‘as near real’ experience as possible. Enginuity showed the right mix of solid engineering, real world experience and design flair to partner with us.”

bluedrop enginuity

Jean-Claude Siew, VP Business Development
Bluedrop Training and Simulation

“Enginuity’s mixed range of skills from design and manufacturing to theoretical thermal dynamics were deployed in this unique project, partly funded by NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. Our relationship with Enginuity has blossomed based on success and they are now an embedded part of our team.”

bluedrop enginuity

Tim Hardy
Aethera Technologies

Agile and Innovative.


Enginuity is Atlantic Canada’s Engine for Innovation.

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