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EnginuityMED – New baby – Idea to first sale in nine months

Enginuity are rightly proud of the spin-off FIVAmed that we incorporated in January this year.  When we sat down with Dr. Orlando Hung in July last year we had no idea of the road ahead but knew something interesting was about to happen.  Following the assembly of the team – Enginuity combined with Dr. Hung, Barbara Campbell and Alastair Trower, we set about understanding the market, designing and building prototypes, working our way through medical device regulation and all of the other complexities of launching a product into a regulated market.

Today we’re excited to be a part of the story that’s hit the Entrevestor.com

Congratulations to all who had a part to play in FIVA – Fluid Intravenous Alert, our new baby!

Particular kudos go to Gleb Sekretta for the prototype iterations and the hugely innovative trigger!

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