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Engineering the Future: Reshaping the Manufacturing Landscape with Automation and Robotics

As one of Canada’s top robotics and automation companies, Enginuity transcends conventional boundaries, consistently pushing the envelope with novel solutions that redefine the industrial paradigm. Our growing expertise in Industry 4.0, robotics, conveying and state-of-the-art SCADA systems; highlights our commitment to bringing transformative changes to Canada’s manufacturing sector. Beyond automation, our abilities in product design and industrial prototyping position us to respond to unique challenges in manufacturing, transforming mere ideas into market-ready offerings.

Alastair Trower, Director of Business Development, encapsulates Enginuity’s philosophy, asserting, “A good idea is merely the inception. The real journey lies in turning that vision into tangible reality.” Enginuity ensures bespoke, tech-driven solutions that echo their deep understanding of industry-specific challenges.

Reinforcing Industry Ties and Reshaping the Manufacturing Landscape

Six years ago, Enginuity responded to a call to action from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) who was seeking to enhance the region’s manufacturing base with advanced robotics and automation engineering. Recognizing the urgent need to address the critical labour shortage and meet the demands of an evolving industry, Enginuity assembled a team of skilled professionals to bridge the gap between the automation industry and the manufacturing sector.

Enginuity and IMO Foods: A Success Story

Among the many business owners grappling with the complexities of integrating automation into their operations was Phil LeBlanc, the Owner and CEO of IMO Foods. His encounter with Enginuity at a trade show became a significant turning point. Faced to navigate the intricacies of new technologies and achieve measurable results, Phil enlisted Enginuity.

The Enginuity team, renowned for their ability to grasp manufacturing challenges at a granular level, embarked on an in-depth discovery process. Collaborating closely with Phil and his team at IMO Foods, and building on exploratory work conducted by the New Brunswick Research and Productivity Council ; they meticulously examined the company’s existing operations and identified areas for improvement. Guided by waste reduction, productivity enhancement, and quality improvement principles, they devised a groundbreaking solution.

The impact of Enginuity’s innovation was astonishing. IMO Foods experienced an unprecedented surge in productivity and efficiency. By removing an interim packaging step and re-working product flow through the factory, they doubled throughput capacity. The newfound efficiency has led to cost reductions, fewer employee movements, increased profit margins, and faster order fulfillment.

The Remarkable Impact of Automation

The success story of IMO Foods (link) spread rapidly throughout the region, capturing the attention of other manufacturing companies grappling with similar challenges. Enginuity’s reputation grew as demand for its expertise in automation and robotics expanded. A commitment to staying at the vanguard of industry trends, attending trade shows, and forging strong alliances with supply chain partners further solidified Enginuity’s standing as leaders in the field.

Future-Proofing the Manufacturing Industry

Enginuity’s transformative journey is far from over. Our passion for overcoming complex challenges and driving operational improvements continues to shape the manufacturing landscape in the region an, increasingly, across Canada.

Our innovative process, backed by extensive expertise in automation solutions, helps businesses realise the full potential of their operations. Enginuity’s work with IMO Foods is just one example of how a well-thought-out approach to industrial automation can significantly improve efficiency and productivity. With our cutting-edge technology and skilled team, we’re leading the charge toward a future of increased efficiency and competitiveness in manufacturing.

“What makes us different is our unwavering commitment to solving the challenge our clients identify, solutions are never easily found, but by working iteratively and openly with clients and suppliers, we move forwards together”

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