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At Enginuity, we’re not just about engineering; we’re about creating a future where our work has a lasting impact. Here, your skills fuel projects that innovate, enhance lives, and reshape the future. Dive into a world where your work matters.

Whether you’re an engineer, marketer, or stepping into the professional world, your contributions help pave the way for a better tomorrow.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Within Enginuity’s diverse team, every position, be it in engineering or marketing, contributes to our overarching goal of enhancing lives through innovation. We are humbled by what our people have to say about us. 

Definitely the people, a colorful mix of motivated, professional and fun group of people. Ones that help each other, push hard without being asked, make boring meetings into fun/interesting ones, ask the right questions and really care. Not many places have such close nit group of friendly people. We have a very interesting, dynamic mix of clients, projects and vendors we work with on a daily basis – no dull moment.

Maayan Harel - Senior Program Manager, Aerospace & Defense

I love that I get to work on a huge range of projects here; you never know what’s going to come through the door next! We have such a fun and inclusive team with diverse backgrounds and specialties, I’m constantly learning from my colleagues and I really enjoy collaborating with them. Our roles are multifaceted, so no two days are the same. Depending on what stage of a project I’m in, I might be brainstorming ideas with a client, at my desk doing CAD work, out in the shop building a prototype, or on-site doing an installation.

Bailey Demone - Junior Mechanical Technologist

This bunch of nerds can probably solve it all (said in the nicest possible way). The broadness of capabilities in the Enginuity family is enormous. If a client asks a question for which I don’t know the answer, I also know that there’s probably someone else in the building that does know the answer. I’m fairly well educated and have significant industrial experience, but I love it when I’m in a technical meeting and end up feeling like the dumbest person in the room. What we’re capable of together, with our clients, is the Enginuity difference. Teamwork is the heart of who we are. 

Rhodri Armour - Program Manager, Discovery

Working at Enginuity is a childhood dream come true. I engage with cutting-edge technology, work with robots, and enjoy hands-on experiences. Be it at the office, on a boat, or at a client’s site somewhere outside the province, the dynamic setting constantly challenges me. The best part? The welcoming and helpful people who make it all happen: Everyone has an interesting story to tell and is willing to share their knowledge, transforming the workplace into an enriching experience.

Ahmad Kammonah - Junior Automation & Robotics Engineer

Here Every Day is an Adventure

It’s a place where brilliant minds converge, bringing diverse skills and experiences to solve complex challenges. Here, every day is a new adventure in innovation, a chance to push boundaries, and a unique opportunity to make a tangible impact on the world.

Enginuity is Engineering our own legacy.


Our expertise and integrity earn clients’ trust, fostering lasting, mutually respectful relationships with proven results.


Families trust in our unwavering support and dedication, forming a bond of care, trust and assurance that we are there for them.


Our defining choices reveal our character and commitment to principles, relationships, and goals.

Attributes that define us.

Attributes reflect our commitment to curiosity, perseverance, and lateral thinking. We value initiative, leadership, and surpassing expectations.

Boldly Curious

Be Boldly Curious. Stretch and grow every day

Good Listener

In all interactions, be a Good Listener

Respectfully Honest

Be Respectfully Honest. Engage with empathy.

Value Driven

Be aware everything we do has a cost, a value and an impact on sustainability

Be Kind

 Be Respectful & kind. It takes so little & means so much

Critical Thinking

Define the problem & develop the right-sized solution


Deliver – exceed expectations; Get shit done.

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Embark on your career journey with us. From initial contact to celebrating your success, we guide you through each recruitment phase, ensuring a supportive and transparent experience.


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