2021 Halifax Business Awards

Enginuity: Finalist for Innovative Business of the Year

Thank you to the Halifax Chamber of Commerce for recognizing us as one of the innovative businesses of the year, and congratulations to Oberland Agriscience Inc. for taking home the win!

That being said, we couldn’t be prouder of the work that we’ve been doing.

Find out more below.


What’s so innovative about Enginuity?

Enginuity is Atlantic Canada’s Engine for Innovation.

We are your creative design engineering company servicing a wide range of disciplines across multiple industries.

You see, we don’t just solve complex problems. We also make sure that you have everything you’ll need to get to where you need to go. We do this by wrapping a multi-disciplinary team of experts around your project, ensuring an efficient, agile experience.

Design control process enginuity

Whether it’s a problem, a new idea, or a process you want to improve —

Our expertise can get you there.

The best part? There are no complicated hoops to jump through, and no meaningless micromanagement.

Just lean, fast, creative leadership and engineering that helps you reach your goals. It’s that simple.


If it needs Engineering,

it needs Enginuity.

What We Do

We solve technically challenging problems with pragmatic and cost-effective engineering solutions for new product development and innovative design.

Who We Are

Enginuity is a creative engineering consulting firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  As a Canadian leader in design engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, and automation we serve clients in North America and around the world.

How We Work

Our unique product discovery process wraps a multidisciplinary team around your engineering, mechanical, electrical, commercialization, product development, and industrial design challenge or invention idea to develop exact-fit solutions.

Our Core Services

Mechanical Engineering

2D and 3D Machine Design, Finite Element Analysis, Structural Design, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Harsh Environment Design, Machine Systems, and a lot more.

Electronics Design

Sensor I/O, MCU & Processor Firmware, PCB Schematics, Layout & Prototyping, DFM PCB Design, Embedded Systems

Robotics and Automation

Machine Vision and QA Systems, Third Party Robotics Integration, Controls & Electrical Schematics, Panel Build & Test, Risk & ROI Assessments and Monitoring

Advanced Engineering and Special Services

Finite Element Analysis/Numerical Analysis (FEA), Industrial Design, Functional Safety Assessments, CNC Machine & Prototyping

Curious for more?

Talk to us. We will be in touch with you soon.