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Canadian leader in mechanical engineering, electronics design, robotics, automation, and product design, we are on a mission to be the region’s most impactful design and engineering group.

If it needs Engineering, it needs Enginuity — Your Engine for Innovation.

Not sure where to go? Let us help.

Use our self-selection tool to find helpful resources or to contact a member on our team.

Not sure where to go? Let us help.

Use our self-selection tool to find helpful resources or to contact a member on our team.

We’re on a mission to be Canada’s most impactful engineering and design company.

Enginuity is a team of talented and creative engineers, designers, technologists, researchers, and strategists tackling complex technical problems with fit-for-purpose solutions.

We wrap our multidisciplinary team around your engineering, product, or industrial design challenge to develop fresh answers and move you forward.

Capabilities to get the job done.

Integrating our core range of services into making engineering solutions tailored just for you.

No cookie-cutter engineering. Just lean, fast, creative leadership that pushes you towards your goals.

Mechanical Engineering

2D and 3D Machine Design
Finite Element Analysis
Structural Design
Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
Harsh Environment Design
Machine Systems, and a lot more.

Electronics Design

Sensor I/O
MCU & Processor Firmware
PCB Schematics
Layout & Prototyping
DFM PCB Design
Embedded Systems, and more

Robotics and Automation

Machine Vision and QA Systems
Third Party Robotics Integration
Controls & Electrical Schematics
Panel Build & Test
Risk & ROI Assessments and Monitoring

Advanced Engineering and Special Services

Finite Element Analysis / Numerical Analysis (FEA)
Industrial Design
Functional Safety Assessments
CNC Machine & Prototyping

Can Atlantic Canada's Labour Shortage be Solved by Robotics?

Can Atlantic Canada’s Labour Shortage be Solved by Robotics?

Written by Nathan Field, Enginuity’s Robotics and Automation Manager

We explore creative solutions with automation engineering made for manufacturing and processing plants.

What’s it like working with us?

"Of all the engineers in Nova Scotia, they were the only engineering firm we needed to talk to — they were immediately the perfect fit!

By taking the time to not only understand my needs, but also the needs of my customers, they create a true winning partnership.”

greenlight analytical

James Wylde, President and CEO
Greenlight Analytical

"The team at Enginuity turned around our design request from concept to full package in less than three days.

They designed a functional and elegant lifting and recovery solution for equipment, they put in the extra effort to assist in after-hours installation, ensuring everything worked as designed. We are proud to have Enginuity as a trusted partner for engineering and design services.”

bluedrop enginuity

Jamie Sangster, CEO
LeeWay Marine

"The best part about working with Enginuity was that they understood exactly where I was coming from as a startup entrepreneur and provided what we needed in just 6 weeks.

Everyone was blown away by the speed and accuracy. [Since] we make decisions based on information, we got that information faster than we anticipated, which means that we can go faster. That’s it. That’s business, that’s start up, that’s innovation.”

unbound chemicals enginuity

Blaine Edwards, CEO
Unbound Chemicals

“We have worked with Enginuity on numerous high-profile offshore oil and gas installations throughout the world. All projects have been 100% successful.

Enginuity’s knowledge base and reactivity to changing applications are rare to find. Their experience has placed them in high regard with our clients and classification authorities.”

bluedrop enginuity

Greg Maloney, President
Oceanside Equipment Limited

"We obviously couldn’t have done this ourselves, since it’s a big engineering project. But that’s something that Enginuity was able to do for us.

The big challenge was the limitations of the building. We couldn’t just bring the parts together, and we had to move the cans over a fairly large distance. That was the challenge, and it needed a lot of engineering into it.”

IMO Foods logo

Phil Leblanc, Owner
IMO Foods Ltd

Solutions made specifically for you.

From Helicopter to Exhibition Hall: Hoist Training in Virtual Reality

From Helicopter to Exhibition Hall: Hoist Training in Virtual Reality

Bluedrop’s Hoist Mission Training System (HMTS) is a fully immersive virtual reality device that is used to train search and rescue personnel for various hoisting operations. The full-scale HMTS can simulate high cable tensions that mimic those usually applied when hoisting people or objects onto a helicopter. However, as an industrial training tool, a full-scale HMTS can weigh up to 8000 lbs. and is not designed for portable use. Seeing a need for a more portable trainer to demonstrate at tradeshows and to deploy at forward operations bases, Bluedrop wanted to design a system that could fit on a double (4’ x 8’) pallet and be easily and quickly assembled. Bluedrop asked the Enginuity team to scale down the original design to allow for rapid installation and tear-down. Learn more about this process.

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How We’re Helping Shivani’s Kitchen Increase Production | Process Improvement

How We’re Helping Shivani’s Kitchen Increase Production | Process Improvement

When Shivani Dhamija successfully pivoted and expanded her business in 2020, it was harder to keep up with the demand for their products more than ever. After all, they not only successfully released their product line to retail stores all over Canada, but they were also able to begin expansion to the United States. They were then looking to increase their production without significantly increasing costs – and so they asked for Enginuity’s help.

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So, you have a technically challenging problem, we’ll forge a solution.



Discovery is the common-sense starting point for your new product development process. It provides the right inputs to start your product or process engineering. We dig deep into your idea/challenge and ask key questions to ensure the ultimate design is fit for market and purpose.



Innovative Problem-Solving

We break through the “usual” ways your industry solves problems and examine solutions generated in other industries to deliver highly innovative, pragmatic, and cost-effective products and processes.


Process De-Risking

We take you quickly from brilliant idea to new product development strategy, building, testing, and commercialization. By de-risking the whole process, everything is streamlined to get you where you need to go — efficiently and intelligently.


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If it needs Engineering, it needs Enginuity.

What We Do

We solve technically challenging problems with pragmatic and cost-effective engineering solutions for new product development and innovative design.

Who We Are

Enginuity is a creative engineering consulting firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  As a Canadian leader in design engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, and automation we serve clients in North America and around the world.

How We Work

Our unique product discovery process wraps a multidisciplinary team around your engineering, mechanical, electrical, commercialization, product development, and industrial design challenge or invention idea to develop exact-fit solutions.