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Reliable engineering for harsh environments and offshore operations.
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It’s never easy engineering when you’re dealing with harsh environments.

But that’s where we come in. Because harsh environment engineering has always been at the core of what we do, we understand all the different factors and challenges that come with marine design and engineering.

We know it because we’ve lived it: the experts on our team have first-hand experiences with the ocean.

So whether it’s for rapid deployment, or simply aiming for reliable offshore operations – you know you can count on us to make it happen.

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We’ve covered it all.

From A-Frames and deck handling gear, to full-scale Oil and Gas installations.

Some of our notable works in the Atlantic Canadian ocean sector include Oil and Gas installations with Oceanside Equipment Limited, Process Automation  with Clearwater Seafoods, A-Frames and deck handling gear with LeeWay Marine, and the SEA-Lift as a Launch and Recovery device for Kraken Robotics.

We’ve done this by incorporating different disciplines and capabilities into any marine project. The breadth and depth of our expertise and capabilities include mechanical design, electronics design, robotics and automation, numerical analysis, and much more.

Who We’ve Worked With

A few clients we’ve worked with

kraken robotics
leeway marine
canadian maritime engineering
oceanside equipment limited
metocean telematics
rps composites
aethera technologies
trc hydraulics
eastern fabricators
macdonald hallett oceans protection engineering group inc


Years in Business

Projects in the last 5 years

What Our Clients Say


“Enginuity has helped us on a number of successful, innovative projects and we continue to go to them with new ideas. Enginuity has a well-rounded team of professional engineers that hit the right mix of idea generation, prototyping and final product development skills. We are very lucky to have this resource in our own backyard in Nova Scotia.”

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John Garland
Clearwater Seafoods

“We recently worked with Enginuity to prepare our vessel LeeWay Striker for a geophysical survey in the US, with a large multinational. The team at Enginuity turned around our design request from concept to full package in less than three days. They designed a functional and elegant lifting and recovery solution for equipment, they put in the extra effort to assist in after-hours installation, ensuring everything worked as designed. We are proud to have Enginuity as a trusted partner for engineering and design services.”

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Jamie Sangster, CEO
LeeWay Marine

“We have worked with Enginuity on numerous high-profile offshore oil and gas installations throughout the world. All projects have been 100% successful. Enginuity’s knowledge base and reactivity to changing applications are rare to find. Their experience has placed them in high regard with our clients and classification authorities. I trust in Enginuity’s capabilities and would recommend them to anyone, regardless of the complexity of their needs..”

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Greg Maloney, President
Oceanside Equipment Limited

Our Core Competencies

for Industrial and Marine Engineering


System Design



– Productivity
– Efficiency
– Effectiveness
– Quality


– Time of a work cycle
– Dollar value of expenditures
– Rates of machine failures
– Demand for finished goods


Manufacturing and "Critical Time" Solution Development


Quality Control and Regulation

Ensure the machinery is in compliance and meets regulatory and class requirements


Primary Industry Support


Various Vessel Systems

Testing, Prototyping and Implementing various systems:

  • Pumps
  • Piping Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Hydraulic Power Systems
  • Controls, Electronics and Electrical Systems

Oceans, Marine, Industrial Sectors


Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Perform troubleshooting, problem solving as well as preventative and corrective maintenance to prevent downtime


Rapidly Diagnosing Equipment Problems

james dean-moore enginuity

James Dean-Moore, Program Manager

For Industrial and Marine

James heads Enginuity’s Industrial and Marine Program. In a technical management career spanning two decades, James has extensive experience in operations, research and new product development.

Coming from a background in network security and reliability, James has brought systems engineering approaches to projects spanning the communications, defence and aerospace, ocean science, marine and industrial sectors.

A clear communicator, James holds undergraduate degrees in Literature and Computer Science. Awarded a NSERC Post Graduate Scholarship, James completed a Master’s degree in Computer Science specializing in computation geometry from Dalhousie University.

Holding Project Management Professional certification in good standing, James is dedicated to using the appropriate tools and techniques in appropriate measure to achieve project outcomes on time and on budget.

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News and ideas involving our industrial and marine capabilities.

Designing for Harsh Marine Environments and Ocean Technology

Designing for Harsh Marine Environments and Ocean Technology

Enginuity’s story began the same way that Atlantic Canada has developed into becoming a region with world-class ocean capabilities – with Ben Garvey, Founder and President, growing up on and around boats. From those first projects working on towed sonar arrays, winches and launch and retrieval systems, to today where we are putting robots on boats and designing in-ocean communications devices, we’ve always had an affinity for designing for the Marine Environment.

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