Creative Industrial Marine Engineering from Shopfloor to Seafloor

Spanning Canada’s vast waters from the Atlantic to the Pacific, our firm has provided unmatched marine engineering services for 20+ years across oceanic, marine, and subsea applications.

Catering to military, commercial, and research needs, our expertise thrives even in the harshest environments, ensuring superior solutions for every vessel and project.

Industrial Marine Engineering Services

There’s no marine engineering challenge that can’t be solved. Embrace the diversity of the challenge, be it physical, operational or prototyping – our team is here to assist.

From Design Desk to Marine Deployment 

We help clients in discovery, designing, development and deployment

Discover how our holistic strategy navigates marine engineering projects from initial innovative designs through to streamlined functional solutions.

Our expertise spans offshore, oceanic, coastal, and inland waters, ensuring top-tier consultancy and engineering services for marine design, repair, and construction.

Safe, Controlled and Reliable Industry Specific Engineering

Whatever challenge you may have: Commercial, Defense, Renewable, Oil & Gas or custom requirements

From the deepest sea floor to high speed manufacturing, we wraps its team around your challenge, bringing practical fit for purpose solutions to the table.

Our marine engineering solutions have been used for commercial, defense, renewable energy, and oil & gas sectors. Our hands-on experience across Canada, the USA, and Europe has positioned us as trusted leaders in the marine world.

Our Core Industrial and Marine Engineering Specialty

We take pride in our rich mix of marine engineering services. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of commercial shipping, harnessing offshore energy, building sturdy marine infrastructure, mastering harsh environments, or leading search and rescue efforts, we’ve done it all. 


Subsea and Offshore Engineering Solutions

Our expertise spans AUVs, ROVs, and comprehensive subsea systems, alongside offshore project support for oil rigs and renewable energy platforms. We ensure sustainable marine engineering that focus on the subsea exploration and energy extraction.


Vessel Engineering and Unmanned Systems Development

We specialize in the design and engineering of marine vessels, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and compliance. Our advancements in unmanned systems for surface and subsurface operations underscore our commitment to leading-edge solutions.


Marine Environment Design and Sustainability

We are at the forefront of creating eco-friendly marine habitats, focusing on sustainable construction and decommissioning practices. 


Marine Design for Repair

Providing robust support for marine construction and repair, including docks, harbors, and ship maintenance, we ensure every structure withstands the test of time. 


Engineering Assessments and Harsh Environment Solutions

Our comprehensive engineering assessments and solutions tailored for harsh marine environments guarantee the durability and integrity of operations. By addressing the challenges of extreme conditions, we deliver resilient engineering outcomes.


Marine Mooring Solutions and Dredging Studies

Designing state-of-the-art mooring systems and conducting expert studies, we ensure marine stability and environmental compliance. Our focus on safety and efficiency in mooring design supports sustainable marine operations and infrastructure development.


Subsea Exploration and Mapping

We provide engineering design support for Subsea Exploration and Mapping services offering expertise in lifting device innovation, comprehensive FEA analysis among others.


Comprehensive Support for Marine Sector Operators

Offering engineering support for commercial, defense, and research vessels, we cover maintenance, retrofitting, and operational enhancements. 

Key Industrial and Marine Clients

See How Our Other Programs Are Shaping The World

Product Development

Everything you need to get your product development done quickly, creatively, and on budget.

Industry 4.0 & Robotics

Integrating traditional manufacturing and industrial platforms and practices with the latest smart technology.

Aerospace & Defence

Providing safe, controlled and reliable engineering for Aerospace and Defence projects.

Our Industrial and Marine Engineering Team’s Strength

From mastering intricate subsea engineering challenges to designing cutting-edge marine vessels and implementing robust offshore energy solutions, our team tackles every project with innovation and meticulous attention.

Aerospace and Defense Program Manager at Enginuity

José Alberti Angulo, M.Sc

Program Manager – Industrial and Marine

Enginuity’s handsome “Ol’ Salt” travelled the world aboard warships before he settled into his position at the helm of the Industrial and Marine Program.

A graduate of the Naval War College in the discipline of Naval Engineering, Jose did his MSc in Mechanical Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate school in Monterey, California – adding to Bachelor’s degrees in both Industrial Engineering and Marine Sciences.

He has held roles as Chief Engineer for the Peruvian Navy, headed shipyard divisions dockside, and has held leadership positions on land and on sea, from here to South Korea.

There is very little that will surprise this officer.

Lt. Cdr. Angulo draws upon an unparallel depth of experience when managing the complex or the “simple”. His ability to think outside the box, often rare for military pedigree, brings a refreshing approach to marine and industrial challenges.

But perhaps his most valuable and endearing attribute is his keen ability to listen. Angulo will not rush into a situation before fully understanding your challenge. This attention to all requirements ensures a secure and prosperous outcome for all who have the good fortune to work alongside him.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Enginuity support the marine industry?

At Enginuity, we stretch our marine engineering expertise from the shores of Canada all the way to Europe. Our toolbox is stuffed with CAD packages, fabrication drawings, and heaps of technical docs to cover just about any marine project need you might have.

Whether you need ROV support or vessel design, we can help you. When we have a challenge in hand, we work closely with our in-house mechanical, electrical, industrial design, automation and robotics, manufacturing and safety engineering to make sure we provide the best solution. 

2. What sort of projects has Enginuity been involved within the Marine Sector?

Enginuity has offered design integration and engineering support across various marine industry sectors. We enhance ocean instrumentation, develop mooring solutions, streamline decommissioning, optimize seafood processing, and advance marine harvesting. Our work includes CFD analysis and innovations in offshore launch, recovery, wind, and tidal energy projects.

Additionally, we’ve been involved in AUV, ROV, and USV systems, showcasing our broad expertise and innovative approach in marine engineering.

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