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2020: A Challenging Year, Filled with Innovation

Enginuity 2021

What a year.

Thank you to all our clients who entrusted us to be a part of their journey and to assist them with any challenges they faced along the way. We continue to hold strong, build on successes, and add to our growing list of capabilities. 


Let’s Recap.


Remained open to support

Despite a global pandemic, we remained open to serve our clients and to provide rapid engineering as needed.


Initiated a skunkworks COVID-19 team

We were able to pivot resources to accommodate our community’s needs for safety with innovative product development and engineering, in times of unprecedented supply chain challenges.


Grew our team

The uncertain environment of 2020 did not phase with our growth strategy. We added 10 new team members.


Created a Program Manager Structure

As our Atlantic community continues to evolve and grow, we must also do the same. We created a structure to nurture the team, provide structure to clients and build sector capability.


Relaunched FIVAMed

Relaunched our Class 1 Medical device company to satisfy a global need for IV fluid monitoring.

Unique customers, with unique challenges. 

There are no cookie cutter solutions here.


Doubling Production

IMO Foods

One of the largest fish canneries in the Atlantic Provinces gave us the opportunity to solve a few critical issues: Labour shortages and scope of work, increased product line output, and machine monitoring.

Phil Leblanc Alastair Alf Trower People enginuity

Delivered 2 Military Training Simulators


Our long-standing partnership has been rooted in challenging and complex projects. It has given us the ability to prove our expertise and be the vendor of choice for Bluedrop.  

mags tapv bluedrop enginuity


Ocean Pride Fisheries

Ocean Pride Fisheries had a need to solve picking sea cucumbers accurately, efficiently and with a low tolerance so they could move the labour force to another production line. New robotic vision sorting system designed, built, installed and commissioned

ocean pride fisheries sea cucumber system

Product Innovation

Greenlight Analytical

When Greenlight needed creativity and out of the box thinking, they called us. Conceived and built 2 prototypes that demonstrate both function and form to investors.

cannabis analyzer greenlight analytical enginuity

Product Innovation


Wasted energy, maintenance time, capital expenses, and operating equipment costs are all impacting the bottom line. This is exactly why we enjoyed working with Prosaris on their ultrasonic gas leak detector. Prototype delivered. 

They aren’t just numbers, but a foundational springboard for 2021.

New prototypes delivered to clients in 2020!

Intelligent, creative, and driven team members! #PoweredByEnginuity

New wonderful clients

Successfully completed and delivered projects across Atlantic Canada.

PPE and emergency needs identified and managed through the COVID-19 Skunkworks project with Nova Scotia Health, IWK, Dalhousie, ACOA, and NSBI. Meeting need and sparking the Maritime supply chain during lockdown.

Charting a course for 2021


Continue to meet client demand of automating tasks the labor force can’t or won’t do in order to fulfill orders and fuel growth.

Process Improvement Assessments

As an enhancement to our comprehensive Discovery process we offer a structured report to assess capital investments, process improvements, and truthing challenges.

Finite Element Analysis Software Investments

To further enhance capabilities, we are continuing our investments in software that will continue to give our clients the analysis they want.

Food & Beverage Processing

Building on successful projects within the Food and Beverage industry.  We are ramping response to needs Atlantic Canad’s thriving Food, Beverage and Agriculture sectors

Rural Innovation

We continue to support and grow projects from a rural perspective. It is important to us to sustainably drive the innovation coming from our rural communities. 

2021 awaits all of us. 

We will remain agile, responsive, and driven to provide our clients and community the design creativity and quality engineering they deserve. 

The Enginuity team thanks you for your support and wishes you well in 2021.

For more info, contact us at info@enginuityinc.ca.

Read about our projects here.

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