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2021 Recap: Pushing the Limits of a Challenging Year

2021 year end recap

What a year. Thanks to you, it was worthwhile.

Let’s look back on 2021 and how we pushed the limits of yet another challenging year.

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Let’s Recap.


We remained open to support

Despite a global pandemic, we remained open to serve our clients and to provide rapid engineering as needed.


We even extended our radius.

With remote work more prevalent than ever, we’re now working with groups from BC, ON, and Europe.


Local innovation is best fostered through collaboration.

We’re proud to work with:

That’s also why we’ve made our LoRaWAN Technology easily accessible to IoT & IIoT Developers in the local ecosystem.

LoRaWAN Enginuity Communications Smart Harbor Marine Logistics Transportation Smart Farming Smart Meters Metering Smart Buildings and Smart Cities Smart Industry Smart Factories Manufacturing and Operations

As restrictions were lifted, we were able to take visitors back into our doors.

We even got to attend some face-to-face events such as DEFSEC Atlantic, The PIER Grand Opening, and the IGNITE Robotic Series.


Through it all, it was important to strengthen our digital presence more than ever.

As thought leaders, that’s exactly what we did.

We released 8 articles, 6 case studies, 1 whitepaper, and numerous other materials online, reaching more people than ever before.


We’re honored that our efforts to provide agile and impactful engineering were recognized.

We were nominated as Innovative Business of the Year at the Halifax Business Awards.

Halifax Business Awards 2021 Enginuity Innovation Finalist

We believe in the immense value of nurturing and mentoring young talent here in the region.

We were able to work with 10 Co-op Students, mentor 4 high school students, and partake in 2 Dalhousie University Capstone Projects.

We are doing our part to retain great talent in AtlCan.

The uncertainties of the past year did not affect our ability to deliver.

In fact, we exceeded them.

Projects initiated

Discoveries performed

Prototypes delivered

New Clients Supported

Intelligent, creative, and driven team members

Unique customers, with unique challenges.

There are never cookie cutter solutions here.


Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Marine

Pivotal Power

Finite Element simulations to improve design of 8KVA Rugged UPS

Pivotal Power Logo

Product Innovation

Eadie MVP

Next generation diagnostic device and system for glaucoma detection and monitoring

mags tapv bluedrop enginuity

Aerospace and Defense


Portable Hoist Mission Training System VR

Pivotal Power Logo

Industry 4.0, Automation & Robotics

Cedar Bay

Salmon processing line improvements

mags tapv bluedrop enginuity

Industry 4.0, Robotics & Automation


Robotics implementation and programming



IMO Foods

Production Management system implementation

mags tapv bluedrop enginuity

Product Innovation


Prototype production machinery design


Aerospace and Defense

Geospectrum Technologies

Embedded Engineering Partner

geospectrum technologies logo

In the midst of all these,
we didn’t forget to have fun
and to be active within the community.

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This is our vision for 2022.

Innovation Outreach

We will continue to work with ideaHUB, IGNITE, The PIER, and many more to advance local innovation.

Technology and Capabilities Expansion

We will be advancing our electronics design capabilities including LoRaWAN.

SNAP into the Navy

Our innovative new connectors aim to improve safety at sea for the Royal Canadian Navy.

Process Improvement

We’ll focus on process improvement for existing clients with the new skills and resources that we’ve added.

Tradeshows & In-Person Events

We’re looking forward to different opportunities where we can do extensive outreach outside of the office.

Continuous Growth

This 2022, we continue to grow our team.
We are hiring technologists, engineers, & specialists.
Stay tuned!

Here’s to 2022.

We will remain agile, responsive, and driven to provide our clients and community the design creativity and quality engineering they deserve.

The Enginuity team thanks you for your support and wishes you well in 2022.

For more info, contact us at info@enginuityinc.ca.

Read about our projects here.

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