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Enginuity’s new flume tank opens doors for underwater technology testing to drive innovation during shutdown.

When COVID-19 restrictions meant the local testing tanks at Dalhousie University and Memorial University were off-limits, Enginuity solved this dilemma in our own inimitable style by building a brand-new flume tank in the loading dock of our Halifax facility.

Flume tanks are used for testing new products or technologies underwater. They circulate water using large electrical pumps and channel it using a series of diffusers, baffles, turning vanes, screens, and wave dampers. The water then enters the test section, located in the centre of the tank, where the technology being evaluated is observed under controlled conditions.

Our new flume tank is unique, in the fact that it is open and available (COVID-19 restrictions apply). One side includes high-quality observation windows so we can take video and photos during the testing process. No other flume tank in Atlantic Canada has this feature. It also has electric power up to 0.3m/s flow and separate overhead door access, making entry and exit more convenient.

Enginuity’s new flume tank is great for ‘quick and dirty’ iterative prototype testing.

Our flume tank is now available at a reasonable daily rate to anyone who needs to test new technology. We also have plenty of material handling assets on site, along with all the creative connectors you need, like SEA-Lift™, to do all your heavy lifting. Discover more about SEA-Lift™ here: https://www.sea-stab.com/

Complete specification and detail sheet here.

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