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Made for you.

Enginuity is proud to be Bioenterprise’s Engineering Services Partner. Advancing Food and Agri-Tech Innovation across Canada.

Exploring an idea? Developing a solution? Improving production?

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Made for you.

Enginuity is proud to be Bioenterprise’s Engineering Services Partner. Advancing Food and Agri-Tech Innovation across Canada.

Exploring an idea? Developing a solution? Improving production?


Why Work with Enginuity?

We have the network, and we have the expertise.

We’ve helped all kinds of Small and Medium Enterprises get their technology to where they have to go. We’re a creative design engineering company with 17 years of experience built on agile, principles-based engineering.

We make sure that you have everything you need to get your technology from early design stages all the way to commercialization and market launch.

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Everything you need to engineer your technology and business to the next level.


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Early Stage Tech? No Problem.

From Initial Design and Prototyping, to Networking and Sourcing, We’ve got you covered.


Product Research and Concept Development

We grow your idea to proof-of-concept to fit-for-purpose conceptual design. You also get to leverage our vast network of SMEs, scientists, labs, manufacturers, and suppliers, alongside our strong internal resources.


In-house Prototyping Capabilities

Including in-house 3D printing, CNC machining, electronics layout, and more


Start-up Support, Coaching, and Training


Design for Manufacture (DFM)

We take a fully-functioning prototype and make it in volume, factoring in supply chain selection, desgin optimization, COGS pricing and analysis, testing, and packaging design.


Functional Testing, Analysis, and Assembly

We ensure that your product is working the way it should.

More than an Engineering Partner.

As your Strategic Partner, we look beyond the initial problem presented, and make sure you get what you truly need.


De-risking and Discovery

Our way of “truthing” new product development ideas and engineering challenges by wrapping a team around your project — to make sure your idea is feasible and plausible


Networking and Funding Opportunities

We work with different institutions and organizations that can help you gain access to investors and funding. In addition, we connect clients with clients — if we see any potential for collaborations, we make it happen.

boardroom meeting enginuity

Access to State-of-the-Art Technology

Because here at Enginuity, we have all of the in-house equipment you need to test, validate, and build your solution.


Machine Shop


  • 4-axis CNC milling machine
  • 2-axis CNC lathe
  • Assembly and testing
  • Material handling (forklift, mobile gantry, lifting and rigging gear)
  • Pneumatics test bench
  • Wet lab with washdown

Industrial Design Lab

  • Clay modelling
  • Silicone molding
  • 3D printers
  • Fabric transformation

Robotics Concept Development Lab

  • Delta robots
  • 6 Axis Robots
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Collaborative robots
  • Conveyors
  • Vision systems

Embedded Electronics Lab

  • PCB Design and build
  • PCB Mill
  • Electronics testing bench

Commercialization Hub

  • Single seat offices and labs for spin-out companies/collaborators

Other Relevant Services

We are experienced in mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, robotics and automation, and a lot more. We pull our solutions across different industries and disciplines.

Our services include in-house prototyping and machining, design, analysis, validation, safety assessments. Our product innovation program also makes sure that you have everything you need to get your technology from early design stages all the way to commercialization and market launch.

Mechanical Engineering
  • 2D and 3D Machine Design
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Structural Design
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Harsh Environment Design
  • Machine Systems
  • and more
Aerospace and Defense Program
  • Government and Military Supply
  • Highly Regulated Industries
  • Controlled Goods and Data Security
  • Complex Documentation Packages
Electronics Design
  • Sensor I/O
  • MCU & Processor Firmware
  • PCB Schematics
  • Layout and Prototyping
  • DFM PCB Design
  • Embedded Systems
Industrial and Marine Program
  • Primary Industry Support
  • Manufacturing and “Critical Time” Solution Development
  • Oceans, Marine, and Industrial Sectors
Automation and Robotics
  • Machine Vision and QA Systems
  • Third Party Robotics Integration
  • Controls and Electrical Schematics
  • Panel Build and Test
  • Risk & ROI
  • Assessments and Monitoring
  • and more
Industry 4.0 Program
  • IoT and Device Connectivity
  • Productivity and QA Focus
  • Machine Health and Remote Monitoring
  • SCADA Systems and Data Handling
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
Advanced Engineering and Special Services
  • Finite Element Analysis / Numerical Analysis (FEA)
  • Industrial Design
  • Functional Safety Assessments
  • CNC Machine and Prototyping
  • In-House Machine Shop
Product Innovation Program
  • New Product Development
  • Product Regeneration and Upgrades
  • Start-up Support, Coaching, and Training
  • Prototyping and Early Adoption

Looking for a quick answer? 

Just call Alf.

How does it work? Where do we start?

You come in with an idea,
and then we work with you to figure out the rest.

We question everything, so you don’t have to.

We wrap a team around your project: creative engineers, designers, technologists, researchers, and strategists that will work with you to assess your project’s viability through the lens of first engineering principles.


We made it happen for them.

Find out how we can do it for you.

We tailor solutions specifically to what you need.
Check out some of the work we’ve done so far for the Food and Agri-Tech industry.

Spin-out: iFarm

iFarm: Remote Monitoring and Control System for Growing Environments

iFarm helps you manage any environmental factor in your growing process, including irrigation, light, pumps, pH levels, climate, and growing cycles and is applicable to plants, whole crops, or animals.

With tremendous potential in the local food, cannabis and insect farming industries, iFarm also has small self-sufficient domestic farming systems in development.

iFarm is functional from a hobbyist to an agricultural scale.

Contact us for more information.


iFarm Capabilities:

Fluid Control and Monitoring – Fluid temperature, Total dissolved solids, Electrical conductivity, Turbidity, Flow
Air Control and Monitoring – Ambient Temperature / Humidity, Vapor pressure deficit, Air flow (m/s)
Light – Lumens, PAR

IMO Foods

Case Study

Doubling Food Production with Automation

IMO Foods in Yarmouth, NS has streamlined the packaging process of their popular Kersen Canned Fish, using Enginuity’s Robotics & Automation Team, capturing all that is Industry 4.0. With Enginuity’s Can Conveyance and Palletizing system, IMO can now double their production length to meet market demand with this food automation solution.

Case Study: Product Innovation

Product Development: Cannabis Analyzer

James Wylde from Greenlight Analytical has a background in detection for security applications and has always been passionate about accurate practices to ensure safety compliance. His prototyping idea stemmed from working with the Frito Lay chip company to find out what chips actually smell or taste like (consistently across various manufacturing facilities) and how the chemicals in the baking process affect these things.

cannabis analyzer greenlight analytical enginuity

Case Study

Automating Sea Cucumber Grading with Industry 4.0

Ocean Pride Fisheries had a need to solve picking sea cucumbers accurately, efficiently, and with a low tolerance so they could move the labour force to another production line. New robotic vision sorting system designed, built, installed, and commissioned.

sea cucumber grading

Curious for more?

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