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Development Hub.

Hardware is hard. Lessons learned through years of designing and building are part of the deal.

With a keen focus on you and your concept, our Product Development approach taps into the rich reservoir of skills our diverse team offers. Together, we’ll refine, build, and validate until your target audience sees undeniable value.

Turning Visions Into Groundbreaking Products.

With a product discovery method that’s as extensive as it is unique, we touch every base – from concept, design, prototype, to realization.

Our commitment lies in molding our development process to fit each client, plugging skills gaps, mitigating R&D uncertainties, and providing the decisive leadership needed for success.

If the technologies don’t exist, we design them.

Your Product
From Start to Finish

We guide you through Discovery, Conceptual Design, Proof of Concept, and Rapid Prototyping to bring your idea to life.

You’re in the loop at every step.

Where Do We Start?

Enginuity is built differently. 

We’re not going to require your product or idea be at a specific phase before working with you. Our aim is to help you successfully get to the next phase, one step closer to realization. 




Translating user needs and market opportunities into a clear and defined vision for the product.


Conceptual Design

Validate the aspects of a concept providing evidence that it can be successfully implemented or developed further. 


Rapid Prototyping

The quick creation of tangible representations to validate design concepts, gather feedback, and make informed decisions efficiently.

Companies We Have Helped

Our Core Competencies


Product Research

leverages our own internal resources plus our vast network of subject matter experts, scientists, labs, manufacturers, and suppliers.


Concept Development

grows from your idea to proof-of-concept to fit-for-purpose conceptual design under our expert guidance and includes mechanical, structural, and electronic design.

Product and Prototype Design

is covered from preliminary design to fabrication package.

Sketching, CAD models, photo-realistic rendering, and mock-ups bring the design to life.


Industrial Design

combines artistic skill with practical knowledge to produce designs that enhance a product’s function and aesthetic by looking at user needs, ergonomics, human factors, market requirements, and the environment in which it will be used.

Rapid Prototyping

impresses investors, communicates concepts, and optimizes resources.

Electronic Prototyping

includes electromechanical systems, machine automation and factory integration, computer vision, electronics test stations, process logic, sensing and measuring, programming/software development, and data collection and storage.

UX/UI (User Experience and Interface)

Human Machine Interface (HMI) — is part of every Enginuity solution.


Prototyping Capabilities

include 3D printing, CNC machining, hydraulics/pneumatics, assembly and packaging, high-fidelity modelling, plus support to produce short-run injection molding; urethane casting; plasma, laser, and water jet cutting; welding; and resin printing.

Material Review and Supply Chain Validation

gives you access to our broad national, continental, and international network of sector specialists and materials, manufacturing, and supply chain partners.

Assembly and Functional Testing and Analysis

ensures your product is working the way it should.
Our team of experts tests and analyzes your concepts, structures, and processes.

  • Linear / non-linear static FEA
  • Thermal / heat flow
  • Fluid flow / computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Frequency response analysis
  • Dynamic analysis including Mechanical Event Simulation (MES) with non-linear materials
  • Random vibration analysis
  • Frequency response analysis
  • Strain gauging
  • Modal analysis
  • Design, build, and instrumentation of small test fixtures and prototypes

Enginuity has strong relationships with local and international manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators, and integrators. We also have expertise in the following areas:

  • Casting and forging
  • CNC machining
  • Plasma cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Welding engineering
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • 3D and resin printing
  • Injection molding
  • Hydraulics/pneumatics
  • Initial assembly
  • Plant process optimization
  • Packaging
To market, to market. Engaging customers and defining your path to market should begin in parallel with technical development.

The Enginuity team includes engineers, technologists, customer engagement specialists, business developers, marketers, and web designers. We have in-house expertise in:

  • IP and patent protection,
  • Licensing and trademarking,
  • Pricing,
  • Distribution,
  • SKUs, and
  • supply chains.

Commercialization is always part of the conversation with Enginuity. When the time comes, if the fit is right, we can jump in and collaborate in commercializing your product or process.

Jackpot Digital

“We needed to move quickly and taking a gamble on a remote team was risky.  From day one we got great vibes and the Enginuity team pulled together in spite of distance and challenging supply chains.  Seeing a new product on the showfloor at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention was amazing and it fuels the post-covid recovery of the business”

Jasper Kelley

Senior Manager Engineering, Jackpot Digital

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You come up with the problems,
we’ll create the solutions.


Discovery is the common-sense starting point for your new product development process. It provides the right inputs to start your product or process engineering. We dig deep into your idea/challenge and ask key questions to ensure the ultimate design is fit for market and purpose.

Innovative Problem Solving

We break through the “usual” ways your industry solves problems and examine solutions generated in other industries to deliver highly innovative, pragmatic, and cost-effective products and processes.

Process De-Risking

We take you quickly from brilliant idea to new product development strategy, building, testing, and commercialization. By de-risking the whole process, everything is streamlined to get you where you need to go — efficiently and intelligently.


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Enginuity is Canada’s dynamic engineering and design group, we’re on a mission to make a profound impact. From a basement operation to a powerhouse team of over 50 innovative experts, we tackle complex technical challenges, delivering tailor-made solutions that enhance the world.

Driven by curiosity, we place your challenges at the heart of our operations. Through our unique matrix managed, focussed team structure, we strategically apply our expertise to ensure outstanding results. We manage the inherent risks of research and development by thoroughly examining your idea from idea, through concept and prototyping to fabrication. If the necessary technologies don’t exist, we design them; if we lack expertise, we source it. With us, you’re not just procuring an engineering group; you’re gaining a committed partner in innovation.


If the technologies don’t exist, we design them.

The Latest on Product Design 

UX and its role in Industrial Design

UX and its role in Industrial Design

User experience (UX) design has become quite prevalent in the world of product development. Despite its recent popularity there is still much confusion as to what it actually is. So, where is all the confusion coming from? And where does it actually fall among the many terms attempting to define specific design fields? Better yet, how does UX design work within engineering?

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