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A look into prototyping and product development with start-up, Prosaris

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Enginuity is helping Nova Scotia Start-Up Prosaris in developing their ultrasonic leak detector, the OL1 – radically changing the way we manage leaks.

Product Idea: An ultrasonic leak detector that can detect, locate, and manage the smallest of leaks. Highly applicable for industries such as oil and gas.

Product Development Process: Through Enginuity’s agile product development process – involving conceptual design, design validation, analysis, and design for manufacture (DFM).


Enginuity’s agile product design and product development team includes a wide range of experts from our in-house electronics design, mechanical engineering, and industrial design teams. We have a unique design process that ensures design is done quickly, creatively, and on budget. On top of that, our iterative approach makes sure that your product is functional, fit-for-purpose, and fills a market gap.

With that, Enginuity is helping Nova Scotia Start-Up Prosaris in developing their ultrasonic leak detector, the OL1, from early prototyping up to the final manufacturing stages.

Together, we were able to develop a product that can detect and direct inspectors towards the smallest of air and gas leaks, that helps both the bottom-line and the environment.



Logan Astle – Client Liaison, Project Manager, Prototype Testing
William Hanna – Electronics Design, Board Assembly and Testing

Credit: Prosaris

Product Idea

Founder Colin Sewell has over 25 years of practical experience in the oil and gas industry. As someone who provided support for Process Safety and Loss Prevention, he had to regularly detect and locate small leaks in all aspects of offshore gas production, as fluid leaks can be very costly in material loss and process inefficiency.

However, it was difficult for him to find products that could help him manage this aspect of his work. In searching for the right technology, he found products that could help him detect that there were leaks in a particular area of operation. However, they couldn’t identify and locate the origin of the smallest leaks.

His rationale was, ‘find new leaks to prevent tomorrow’s problem’. This prompted him to look into the technology and see how practical it would be to design and build an actual product that could both detect and locate gas leaks, as well as manage the data as part of his Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Strategy (IRM).

Prosaris envisioned a product that uses ultrasonic technology, so that it can be administered to detect the smallest of fluid leaks, particularly gases. They wanted to develop a product that not only detects that a leak is happening, but also be able to accurately pinpoint its location in order to accelerate a repair plan. Inherent in the product strategy was a data management capability to support effective leak management.

prosaris enginuity ultrasonic leak detector product development prototype
prototype prosaris leak detection enginuity

Credit: Prosaris

Product Development Process

Enginuity helped Prosaris through our agile product development process. In the early stages of our relationship, we did this with our unique design control process from the discovery phase, conceptual design, design validation, analysis, and design for manufacture (DFM) and building the physical products. You can learn more about our process here.

“Enginuity provided really good value when we needed it, and they helped us with the very early concept evaluation phase of the project and [with] a couple of different projects that we did, one was helping us with just understanding the process of quantification. The second one was helping us flesh out the actual arrangement that we would use. They’ve been very supportive with the legwork – basically helping us get our design down on paper, getting it into a format that supported both our earlier phases of prototyping and manufacturing ones,” Colin said, when asked about his experience working with Enginuity.

Furthermore, Colin said that what makes Enginuity different from other engineering teams would be “the [team’s] depth and breadth of skill.” He continues, “[Enginuity has] a lot of highly skilled people that support different applications, different sectors, different skill sets from our perspective. It’s very broad. A lot of other places we would only be getting support in a very specific niche area, which is not necessarily what we need when we’re at this stage of the project. We need people with the flexibility and ability to help us with every evolving challenge as they arrive. The response time has been excellent.

When we’ve needed something, I don’t think we’ve ever had to wait. Enginuity has always been supportive and had resources available. Although I know that [Enginuity] has been busy as well, so it’s a big plus. [Enginuity’s] ability to help customers with all aspects of our work, as well as response time, would be the best.”

“[Enginuity has] a lot of highly skilled people that support different applications, different sectors, different skill sets from our perspective. It’s very broad. A lot of other places we would only be getting support in a very specific niche area, which is not necessarily what we need when we’re at this stage of the project. We need people with the flexibility and ability to help us with every evolving challenge as they arrive. The response time has been excellent. When we’ve needed something, I don’t think we’ve ever had to wait. Enginuity has always been supportive and had resources available.”
Colin Sewell

Founder and President, Prosaris

Project Value

The OL1 from Prosaris is the only device of its type that uses directional ultrasonic microphones to provide both leak detection and direction. This device was built to work with the Prosaris Leak Management app, allowing users to start detecting leaks with no additional training.

The app also provides real-time leak flow and loss, as well as access to comprehensive leak record reports. This ease of use is key to allow rapid detection and mitigation of small potentially damaging leaks, preventing them from escalating into higher costs and risk incidents. Not only is this device providing very high value by simplifying an otherwise complicated process, but it’s also increasing safety for the operators and workers who would be using it.

The Prosaris technology is a fit wherever there is fluid at pressure, from hazardous petrochemical emissions monitoring to large-and small-scale compressed air efficiency management.

Working with Prosaris has been rewarding and enjoyable. They are very knowledgeable and thorough in their research, and have always come to us with a clear set of parameters to design and implement; while at the same time accepting that changes would likely be required as they continued their testing.

The investigation and development for this product has been strongly collaborative, with open communication and focused deliverables,” says Logan Astle, Program Manager for Product Innovation at Enginuity.

With our agile, flexible, and adaptable product innovation process, we were able to create a reliable and innovative product with Prosaris that will radically change the way that leaks are managed.

prosaris leak detection enginuity
prosaris prototype enginuity leak detection

Credit: Prosaris

What’s Next

Prosaris is now in the process of in-field pilot-testing of their product with industry partners, forecasting initial sales in early 2021. Prosaris says that their team are already working on an intrinsically-safe device for the hazardous gas market.

Our agile team here at Enginuity is looking forward to the success of this product as well as working with Prosaris in their future plans and product strategy.

In 2022, Prosaris has now gone through a successful product launch and their product team is now working on finding the right potential customers for the OL1.

To find out more about Prosaris, you may visit their website here: About Prosaris

For more information about the finished OL1 product and future devices, you may visit: Prosaris Solutions


prosaris ol1 pilot device enginuity product development

Credit: Prosaris

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