xmas 2020

Season’s Greetings!


You can check the answers to our puzzle below.



  1. The red robot has two trapezoids for a face, so its name can not be Rone or Tave, because they have long vowels.
  2. The only robot face that really curves is the yellow one, so Dack is the yellow robot. Dack can’t be any other robot. No other robots are Dack.
  3. The purple robot can’t be named Dack (we already knew that), Ket, or Zumm, because those names don’t have a silent E. The blue robot can’t have those names either. One of them must be Rone and the other must be Tave.
  4. The only robot with a hexagon shaped face is the green one, so that one must be named Ket. No other robot can be Ket, so the red one can’t be Ket. That means the only name the red robot can have is Zumm.
  5. The blue robot has a nose, so Rone can’t be the blue robot. Rone must be the purple robot. That means that Tave must be the name of the blue robot (only remaining option).
christmas card solution

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