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Catch Up with Alf at the Responsible Seafood Summit

For more than two decades Enginuity has been spearheading seafood innovation and efficiencies in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

EVENT SCHEDULE:    Oct. 2-5, 2023 | Saint John, NB

The Responsible Seafood Summits brings together key global leaders in the ever-evolving sustainable seafood industries.

This unique 4-day event will focus on bridging the differences and highlighting the shared interests of key players in the seafood industry.

Enginuity has long played an integral role in process development and designing tools to assist in the safe and sustainable harvesting of seafood.

More about Enginuity:

Creative engineering firm Enginuity helps seafood harvesters and operators slim processing means, eliminate wastage, reduce fuel consumption and helps green-ify the industry as a whole.

Whilst partnering with industry stakeholders such as IMO Foods, Ocean Pride, Perennia, Mersey Seafoods and Clearwater Enginuity continues to deliver innovations that address the global need for more a more sustainable seafood industry. 

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