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Connects in Seconds, Stays for Life.

Whether you’re installing a pre-lay for a MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit), a new spread for an offloading system, installing a tidal turbine, or exploring offshore wind,

SEA-Stab from Enginuity offers simple, cost-effective, and rapid connection.  

Whereas installing permanent mooring systems would take a long time because of complexity in the design of traditional technologies, the SEA-Stab connects quickly and effectively – once the two parts meet, it’s locked in and you’re all set.

It’s that simple. You can check the following video to find out.  

And because it’so easy to connect, the SEA-Stab saves you time. Lots of it.

And when you save time, you save money.  

Plus, because of its high-quality design, there’s zero-deformation when you use it. Which means you can reuse it, because it’s fully reconnectable.  

So, what exactly is the SEA-Stab?  

The SEA-Stab is a rapidly deployed, reusable, high-load connector designed for the most challenging marine environments. It is designed to be stronger than any equivalent-sized chain, with a fully scalable design allowing for working loads up to 30,000 kN.  

It is a new subsea mooring connector that’s lighter, simpler, stronger, and more cost-effective than traditional “ball and taper” technology.  

With this, SEA-Stab outperforms traditional permanent or re-connectable technologies:  

  • Zero-deformation at full chain MBL, ensuring connector remains truly reconnectable 
  • Cost-effective design that reduces capital cost 
  • Self-centers during deployment with wide approach angles, which reduces installation costs 
  • Fully inspectable during installation and throughout life, ensuring fitness for purpose.  
  • Only 5 moving parts with no dissimilar materials, reducing corrosion risk 
  • Configurable coupling reduces need for additional components during hook up.  

Because of our unique design, the SEA-Stab ultimately reduces capital and installation costs, and reduces risks such as corrosion, all while providing a simpler, easier way to make mooring connections. Because of its “Instant Grab” design, full load can be applied within seconds of connection.  

SEA-Stab is designed for rapid connection and disconnection of mooring systems, with fully redundant secondary locking options that allow for remote release. It can be deployed as a part of a permanent mooring spread. 

SEA-Stab was made in collaboration with Oceanside Equipment Limited.  
Oceanside Equipment Limited can provide all the connectors in a typical mooring spread, and can handle oil and gas-related needs and projects for SEA-Stab.
For more information about them, you may visit: https://www.oceansideequipment.ca/  

For more information about SEA-Stab, you may visit: www.sea-stab.com 

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