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Our industrial design services go beyond the ordinary, setting new standards for what products can be. As a leading industrial design company, we’re committed to transforming your concepts into the next generation of market-leading innovations.

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Leading Industrial Design Company's Portfolio Projects

From visionary industrial design concepts to tangible market-ready products, we’re your end-to-end partner in crafting the future of innovation

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The Trilogy of Excellence: Elegance, Efficiency, and Ergonomics

Our design philosophy elevates ideas into groundbreaking realities. Focused on aesthetic brilliance, functional innovation, and user-centric experiences, we don’t just create products—we forge new paths in design thinking.

Our portfolio is a window into how we tackle and transcend design challenges, crafting not mere objects, but narratives of innovation.

Our Core Industrial Design Competencies

Our industrial design’s strength lies in its holistic approach, blending cutting-edge design techniques with collaborative expertise across disciplines.


Initial Concept & Market Analysis

We start by analyzing the market and understanding user needs, setting the foundation with product research and analysis. This ensures our conceptual design aligns with market demands and user expectations, incorporating user-focused considerations and market placement strategies from the outset.


Design Exploration & Concept Refinement

Our team excels in refining invention sketches and conceptual designs, blending aesthetic design with functional user interfaces. Through collaborative brainstorming and comprehensive ergonomic studies, we skillfully transform rough ideas into polished concepts, meticulously readying them for the next critical stages of development. 


Engineering Design & Development

Transitioning concepts into feasible designs, our engineering design and development process marries technical expertise with creative solutions. We navigate the engineering design process, focusing on manufacturability and production efficiency, ensuring every product is ready for manufacture.


Prototyping & User Experience Testing

Our prototyping phase brings designs to life, enabling comprehensive user experience testing and ergonomic validation. We prioritize human factors and ergonomics, meticulously refining prototypes to significantly enhance user comfort and usability, crucial steps toward finalizing the design.


Final Design Validation & Preproduction

With the final design in hand, we conduct comprehensive testing and make necessary adjustments. This stage solidifies the product’s design, focusing on production processes and cost estimates to prepare for preproduction, ensuring a seamless transition to manufacturing.


Manufacturing Support & Market Release

As we transition to the manufacturing phase, our dedicated team provides continuous, unwavering support, meticulously overseeing tooling, quality control, and manufacture selection processes. We steadfastly ensure the product’s integrity is maintained throughout production, diligently working towards a highly successful market release.

See How We Are Shaping The World

Product Development

Everything you need to get your product development done quickly, creatively, and on budget.

Industry 4.0 & Robotics

Integrating traditional manufacturing and industrial platforms and practices with the latest smart technology.

Aerospace & Defence

Providing safe, controlled and reliable engineering for Aerospace and Defence projects.

Industrial & Marine

Helping you develop reliable engineering solutions for harsh environment offshore operations.

Our Industrial Design Teams’ Strength

Whether it’s precision aerospace parts, durable automotive components, or critical medical devices, each project highlights our machine shop team’s unparalleled expertise.

Issac - Machine Shop Manager

Alicia Ingraham

Industrial Designer & Program Manager – Product Development

Alicia seamlessly combines the technical and the creative into every aspect of product development. An experienced Industrial Designer, Alicia has spearheaded projects arising from the vaguest ideation to products ready for high-volume production and commercialization.

As a Program Manager, she ensures your product is examined and analyzed from every angle well before prototyping. Her keen attention to detail is akin to a crystal ball, addressing issues before they arise – a talent that can’t be taught.

Upon graduation from Carleton University in 2018 with a degree in Industrial Design, Alicia embarked on a career at firms Swave Studios and Water Ranger. Her work involved product innovation for both new and existing products, as well as graphic design and market research.

At Enginuity, Alicia is a key member of the management team. Her expertise in identifying and refining integral components of design including usability, aesthetic, and target demographic are key factors that ensure all Enginuity clients and partners are developing the right product for the right people.

Having Alicia on the Enginuity team provides an incredible value that many other firms cannot offer their clients, consistently taking product development and relationships to another level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What industrial design services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of industrial design services, including conceptual design, ergonomic analysis, 3D CAD modeling, material selection, and user interface design. Our team specializes in prototyping, functional testing, and visual branding to ensure every aspect of the product design is covered.

2. What industries do you specialize in?

Our expertise spans consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive, sustainable packaging, and wearable technology. We also have a strong portfolio in sports equipment, agricultural machinery, and industrial tools, showcasing our versatility across various sectors. 

3. How do you ensure the design is feasible for manufacturing?

By integrating Design for Manufacturability (DFM) principles early in the design phase and conducting material and process feasibility studies. Our collaboration with manufacturing teams and use of simulation tools help identify and resolve potential production challenges.

4. What technologies and materials are you familiar with?

We are proficient in advanced CAD software, 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection molding. Familiar with a broad range of materials including plastics, metals, composites, and sustainable alternatives, we tailor material selection to the project’s specific needs.

5. Do you offer prototyping services? If so, what types?

Yes, we offer a variety of prototyping services, including rapid prototyping, functional prototypes, and appearance models. We utilize technologies such as SLA, SLS, FDM 3D printing, and CNC machining to create prototypes that closely mimic the final product.

6. Can you assist with compliance and regulatory requirements?

Absolutely. Our team is experienced in navigating the complex landscape of compliance and regulatory standards, especially in industries like medical devices and automotive. We ensure that designs meet all relevant safety, quality, and environmental regulations.

7. Do you provide support for the product after its launch?

Yes, we offer post-launch support, including product iteration, user feedback analysis, and manufacturing optimization. Our goal is to ensure the product continues to meet market needs and expectations, facilitating ongoing improvements and updates.

8. How can I protect my design idea?

We understand the importance of securing your innovative designs and intellectual property. Here’s how we can assist you in protecting your design ideas:

  1. Guidance on IP Strategy: We offer advice on selecting the right combination of IP protections tailored to your project’s specific needs, ensuring your design is safeguarded effectively.
  2. Confidentiality Assurance: We prioritize the confidentiality of your projects. From the outset, we establish clear agreements to protect your ideas throughout the development process.
  3. Patent and Design Patent Support: Our team can guide you through the process of applying for patents and design patents, helping identify patentable features and collaborating with IP attorneys to navigate the application process smoothly.
  4. Copyright and Trademark Assistance: We assist in identifying aspects of your design eligible for copyright and trademark registration, ensuring your branding and creative works are protected.
  5. Documentation and Record Keeping: We maintain meticulous records of the design and development process, providing you with a solid foundation for proving the originality and ownership of your ideas.
  6. Trade Secret Management: For designs or processes you wish to keep confidential, we help implement best practices for maintaining trade secrets within your organization.
  7. Legal Network Referrals: Our network of experienced IP attorneys can provide the legal support necessary for securing and enforcing your intellectual property rights.

By partnering with Enginuity Engineering, you gain a dedicated ally in not only developing and refining your design ideas but also in navigating the complexities of intellectual property protection, ensuring your innovations remain exclusively yours.

9. Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) required to initiate a project?

Absolutely! We often start with an NDA, especially when it comes to sharing preliminary design details. It’s a great way to ensure your intellectual property stays protected while we exchange ideas. By setting the correct terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties—you and Enginuity—we create a trusted environment to explore and develop your project safely and creatively.

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