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Trecan Combustion (Hubley, NS) are the world leader in mobile and permanently installed industrial snowmelters.  Their patented designs have been in use in more than a hundred airports, shopping malls, parking lots and other industrial facilities North of 40 degrees for more than 35 years.  Enginuity Inc. (Halifax, NS)  have recently conducted initial design work on an enclosure for Trecan’s ‘SG’ range of permanently installed snowmelters.  To reduce logistical issues and construction costs associated with installation in remote locations, Trecan want to be able to offer all-in-one packages, including the snowmelter, control systems and housing for all the equipment.

“Enginuity helped us out in a pinch when we had to design some supporting plinths, they turned them round quickly and we knew they were the right people to assist on this bigger project’ said Steven Meredith, Engineering Manager at Trecan Combustion.

“This initial phase of the project enabled us to look at the types of conditions the melters were going into, assess the environmental conditions and provide initial designs.  The next step is to conduct the detailed engineering, modeling and drawing to enable Trecan to add enclosure design and construction to their list of services.  This approach reduces cost and provides a more complete solution to their global client base” added Ben Garvey, CEO of Enginuity.

The next step is to get into the detailed design of the overall enclosure, including, full structural analysis, materials selection and engineering drawings, ready to support Trecan’s sales efforts moving forwards.
Trecan also provide custom fabrication and manufacturing where they apply their engineering and manufacturing experience from building industrial Snowmelters for national and international markets

Trecan Combustion Limited
4049 St Margaret’s Bay Road, Hubley, Nova Scotia, B3Z 1C2, Canada
Tel: +1 902 876 0457
Email: sales@trecan.com

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