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How Enginuity is Changing the Engineering Landscape

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Written by Ysa Gonzales, Enginuity Marketing

When I asked Ben Garvey how he came up with the idea to start a company like Enginuity, he had a simple answer — he didn’t. It wasn’t a single idea that started it. Rather, it was a string of events brought upon by curiosity, and the desire to answer needs beyond the problems that preceded them. Much like its inception, this is still what Enginuity stands for today: an innovative, creative, and holistic approach to Engineering.  

“Something you’ll find in traditional Engineering is that they would just typically focus on what the technical specifications are. It’s more of, ‘here’s a problem’, [then] ‘okay, here’s a machine that can address that’. But not much of, ‘well, what exactly do they need? where are they trying to go?’ And I think that’s what makes us unique,” Garvey explains, when I asked him about what exactly sets them apart.  

He then proceeded to explain how their unique process works: clients could come in with an idea — this could be a process they want to improve, or a problem they want to address; and then, they proceed to evaluate what the client needs. They assess not just the idea, but also all the stakeholders that might interact with the potential product. 

They also ask the client what exactly they want to be at the end of the project: whether they want to be a manufacturer, or whether they want to license the design to somebody else, or whatever their general goals may be as the provider of the product. Then, they ask the clients what they want to achieve from the project, and not just merely focus on what the direct solution to the problem might be. And of course, they make sure that the client is involved or knowledgeable of what goes on in the process, every step of the way. 

Their process is akin to the Agile methodology, wherein they use multiple adaptive iterations of the design process and collaboration of multidisciplinary teams with the client and end-user in mind. 

According to Garvey, “What’s really unique about this place is that we are able to bring in all these different disciplines together […] and apply it to a need. It can be a tiny little need. It can be a brand new product. Or it can be big, rigid manufacturing. We can scale it appropriately for each one of those needs.” He goes on to explain that what truly sets them apart is their consultative and holistic approach to solving client needs, and that they make sure that the client gets to where they truly need to go. 

“We’re focused on building long-term relationships with our clients, and that’s how we’ve managed to do it,” Garvey said, regarding the motivation of addressing overall client needs, instead of just simply focusing on the problem at hand.  

“Be curious, and engage with the world around you. Don’t just say, ‘this is a cool product’, but ask questions! ‘How does it work? Why does it work?’,” Garvey said, that are important things to remember for young engineers. Enginuity is continuously growing, and the curiosity and holistic approach to solving client needs has earned it the success and the quality reputation that it enjoys today. 

Engineering remains to be an industry that’s heavily founded on processes and systems geared towards direct problem-solving, and Enginuity will continue to be a company that does this in a creative and consultative manner to address the long-term needs of clients, to also foster better relationships in the long run. Enginuity’s unique approach to the industry might just be what the Engineering community needs to adapt and evolve, especially now in the ever-changing landscape of the digital age. After all, isn’t that the point?  

Enginuity is a creative design engineering company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. You can learn more about us at our main page https://enginuityinc.ca/. 



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