How We Work?
Our Design and Engineering Process

Working with us isn’t like engaging with a typical design and engineering consulting firm. No matter the technical or geographic area, we strive to make exceptional engineering designed solutions available to everyone. 

We do that by leveraging experienced, capable and passionate technical staff, and applying them to your problem through a structured engineering and design process.

“The Enginuity team did a superb job taking us through the early product discovery phases of our project. They assisted in bringing our idea into clear focus, mapping our path to bring the product to reality.”

– Carl Hallett, VP Engineering (MacDonald Hallett Oceans Protections Engineering Group Inc.)

1. Discovery

Vision Validation & Early Risk Management

The best ideas come from the floor, whether it’s a factory, the back deck of a boat, an operating room, or a golf course. In Discovery, we take those inputs, however ambiguous, and delve into the ‘what,’ ‘who,’ and ‘how’ of your project. 

This essential phase sets a solid foundation for project requirements and scope, identifies main technical risks and business challenges, and builds a plan to continue with value driven development.

2. Conceptual Design

Developing solutions and validating concepts

This phase utilizes a blend of technical expertise and creative insights to transform abstract ideas into workable solutions. This includes finding off-the-shelf solutions, analysis of similar technologies, concept evaluation against requirements, safety and risk assessment.

We dive deep into the functional elements, generate sketches and proof-of-concepts to de-risk where needed. 

3. Preliminary Design

Fast-Forwarding from Design to Demonstration

This step includes generating preliminary CAD models, selecting critical components, optimizing for manufacture and assembly, and right-sizing a functional prototype for thorough testing and validation.

This dynamic process results in a finely tuned working prototype, alongside detailed test results and lessons learned, which collectively inform budget and timeline optimizations, making sure you are on the right track.

4. Detailed Design

Translating Technical Innovations into Reality

In the Detailed Design stage, advanced numerical calculations and analyses, specific component selection, final design of custom parts, and production ready prototype lay the groundwork for innovation. 

Deliverables, including a detailed 3D CAD model with interdependencies and budget considerations, are tailored for efficiency. 

5. Fabrication Package

Assembling Your Fabrication Package

The Fabrication Package stage designs for manufacture, detailing tooling and fabrication plans. It includes identifying supply chains and finalizing drawings and materials, ensuring readiness for production.

A critical design review follows, assessing QA-stamped drawings and assembly instructions. This process culminates in a ‘proceed to build’ decision and a production budget, marking the transition to manufacturing.

6. Implementation & Testing

Implementation and Testing for Flawless Functionality

In this phase, we start with careful sourcing, purchasing, and precise assembly, followed by thorough inspections. Subsequently, rigorous tests assess functionality, validation, and certification.

This advances to a detailed project review, encompassing a complete documentation package, on-site installation, and setup, alongside a consolidated testing plan and results. This stage concludes with lessons learned, poised for your final approval and acceptance.

7. Support

Comprehensive Support and Ongoing Partnership

Our collaborative on-going relationship doesn’t end at project completion. We offer comprehensive post-implementation support to ensure your project continues to operate at peak efficiency.

From troubleshooting to upgrades, our dedicated team is always here to provide ongoing assistance, ensuring any challenges are swiftly addressed.

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Our Consultant’s Approach to Design Discovery

Our engineering consulting service guides your project from an initial idea to completion, focusing on discovery, design, and development. Starting with discovery to validate visions and mitigate risks, we advance your conceptual and preliminary design to feasible solutions.

Issac - Machine Shop Manager

Rhodri Armour, PhD, P.Eng.

Program Manager, Engineering Design and Discovery

Correctly evaluating and assessing innovative ideas are skills that only accompany profound experience and a clever perspective, two qualities that Rhodri offers in fruitful abundance. A proud Welsh transplant, Rhod has called Nova Scotia home for over a decade, establishing himself as an integral part of the Canada’s foremost engineering consulting firm. 

With a wide breadth of experience across many disciplines, Dr. Armour remains consummately humble. He is the first to realise his limitations in certain fields. He will then handpick the perfect personnel to surround your project with the team it deserves. This is the hallmark of effective Engineering Project Management.  

Ask him, and he will describe Enginuity’s Discovery process as, “The democratisation of engineering”. Adding, “Discovery is an essential endeavor that ensures all aspects are considered and evaluated before crucial mistakes are made.” 

Dr. Armour examines all aspects through an intensive lens, allowing your project to propel forward. This process answers the imperative and essential, yet sometimes overlooked questions of engineering consulting; is this valid, is it feasible, do I throw more money at this problem? And is it worth it?  

This sober, third-party perspective ensures the utmost project efficacy and keeps your project budget well distanced from future overruns.  

His experience and interests are broad, reflected in his education in mechanical engineering, his PhD in Biomimicry, and his training in science communications.  

Noting he is a Mechanical Engineer with a doctorate degree, Rhodri freely confesses that he is often rarely the smartest person at the table, endowing us all to his charms. It is this adherence to the collaborative process that makes Enginuity a leading engineering consulting design and manufacturing firm. 

The humility that drives Rhodri ensures our Design Control Process and engineering services are accessible to all who walk through our doors. Call Rhodri today and explore how we can bring your project to fruition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I understand I need an engineering consultation. What's the first step?

Beginning with us is simple. The first step involves a conversation where we get to know you and your project’s vision. This initial consultation helps us understand your needs and outline how we can best support your objectives, guiding you smoothly into the engineering world. Schedule a free consultation today!

2. Do I need to go through your whole engineering and design process?

Not always. We scale and tailor our approach based on the state and quality of the inputs. Our project onboarding activities ensures the presence of all elements that would have been outputs from prior process steps. This allows us to more rapidly move forward while still complying with the process that makes us successful.

3. Is my project idea feasible?

Assessing the feasibility of your project idea is our priority. We conduct a comprehensive analysis and expert evaluation, delving into technical specifications, market demands, and potential obstacles. This enables us to offer you an accurate assessment of your project’s viability and chart a definitive path towards success.

Our multidisciplinary approach incorporates mechanical design, electronics design, automation and robotics, advanced manufacturing support, industrial design, and safety engineering. This holistic strategy ensures that every aspect of your project is meticulously considered and integrated into our feasibility assessment, guaranteeing a well-rounded and informed evaluation.

4. How long will my project take and how much will it cost?

Every project is unique, so we start with a detailed review to understand its scope and complexities. We then provide a transparent estimate, balancing quality, time, and cost to meet your objectives effectively. Our aim is always to deliver optimal value within your timeline and budget.

5. How do you ensure the project meets industry standards and quality requirements?

Quality and compliance are non-negotiable for us. We adhere to the highest industry standards and regulatory requirements from the get-go. Our rigorous quality control measures and compliance checks throughout the project lifecycle ensure that your project not only meets but exceeds expectations.

6. Can you create prototypes, and are you able to assist with manufacturing?

Absolutely, our prowess extends far beyond initial designs into comprehensive manufacturing support, including industrial design services. We are an expert in bringing prototypes to life and refining them for production, ensuring your product stands out and ready for success.

With Enginuity, you gain access to our extensive machine shop capabilities, including CNC machining, 3D printing, and PCB milling, alongside a robust network of fabricators for rapid prototyping. Our approach integrates design for manufacturing (DFM) principles to streamline your project from the outset, optimizing for manufacturability while maintaining design integrity.

Whether it’s creating high-fidelity prototypes, selecting the perfect materials, or developing a resilient supply chain, we’re dedicated to making your production smarter, more efficient, and within budget.

7. Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) required to initiate a project?

Absolutely! We often start with putting a mutual NDA in place, especially when it comes to clients sharing confidential, proprietary design details. It’s a great way to ensure your intellectual property stays protected while we exchange ideas throughout the life of the project. By setting the correct terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties—you and Enginuity—we create a trusted environment to explore and develop your project safely and creatively.

Request your NDA. Kickstart Your Project with Us Now.

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