Custom Electronics Engineering For Sustainable Innovation

We specialize in developing electronics prototypes in-house to validate functionality, seamlessly scale designs from proof-of-concept to production-ready.

With a focus to foster Canadian manufacturing, we aim to minimize lengthy shipping times by offering in-house prototype development for orders of any size.

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We can step in and develop an entire project, or any part of the product or process.

From Concept to Completion

Create a seamless journey from the initial concept to the final product with our comprehensive electronics engineering services. 

Specializing in the intricate design, advanced prototyping, and efficient manufacturing of embedded systems, we ensure that every electronics component is perfectly integrated into your product.

Our capabilities extend from creating robust electronics design solutions for hardware that can be used in any industry .

Prototyping and Testing with Precision

Our in-house PCB machine ensures finesse in prototyping capabilities

This allows us to rapidly iterate designs and produce prototypes or small production runs in-house, bypassing lengthy overseas supply chains.

Our rigorous electronics testing procedures, applied to a wide array of applications from medical devices to subsea technologies, ensure each product meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Our Core Electronics Engineering Competencies

Our firm’s excellence in electronics hardware development is exemplified through our cross-disciplinary approach, seamlessly integrating it with mechanical, automation, and process engineering to create holistic and innovative solutions.


Conceptual Design and Rapid Prototyping

Our electronics development excels in conceptual design and rapid prototyping of electromechanical systems, focusing on PCBs and diverse electronic hardware. Utilizing advanced 3D printing with high-quality resin and nylon, we swiftly transform concepts into functional prototypes, ensuring precision and efficiency in design validation.


PCB Design, Layout and Testing

Our PCB Design and Testing capabilities are enhanced by our in-house PCB milling machine, enabling us to swiftly create and iterate designs for a wide array of applications. This ranges from precision medical devices to durable subsea innovations, offering versatile and reliable solutions tailored to specific environmental needs.


Design for Manufacturing (DFM) PCB Design

Our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) approach in PCB design optimizes for efficient, cost-effective production without sacrificing performance. Early analysis of panelization, soldering, and testing in PCB design prevents costly redesigns and delays. 


Embedded Electronics Design Service

We excel in embedded and custom electronics design with extensive experience in diverse industries. Our expertise includes microcontrollers, FPGA technology, and analog/digital circuitry. We prioritize power efficiency, EMI/EMC compliance, and real-time processing.


Power Electronics Design

We specialize in creating customized solutions, including voltage regulators, power supplies, motor control, and energy conversion systems. We optimize performance, reduce energy waste, and ensure devices meet efficiency and reliability standards.


Digital and Analog Electronics Design

Our specialization spans from microcontroller-based digital circuitry to precision analog front-end design. We use advanced VHDL and Verilog for FPGA/ASIC design and high-resolution ADC/DACs for precise analog conditioning.


Sensor Input Output (I/O)

Effective sensor input and output management is essential across industries. We specialize in designing interfaces and processing systems that seamlessly integrate sensors. Using precision amplifiers and microcontrollers, we ensure accurate and reliable sensor data acquisition for various applications, enhancing system functionality. 


IoT Device Development and Monitoring

We specialize in designing, developing, and maintaining IoT devices, ensuring seamless connectivity, data accuracy, and efficient monitoring. Our expertise empowers businesses to harness the potential of IoT for improved operations and data-driven decision-making, making us a trusted partner in the IoT revolution.

See How We Are Shaping The World

Product Development

Everything you need to get your product development done quickly, creatively, and on budget.

Industry 4.0 & Robotics

Integrating traditional manufacturing and industrial platforms and practices with the latest smart technology.

Aerospace & Defence

Providing safe, controlled and reliable engineering for Aerospace and Defence projects.

Industrial & Marine

Helping you develop reliable engineering solutions for harsh environment offshore operations.

Our Electronics Engineering Teams’ Strength

Whether it’s the precise optimization of RF circuitry for seamless communication, the development of power-efficient embedded systems, or the innovative design of IoT devices and energy management solutions, each project showcases the strength of our electronics engineering team.

louis manuge

Ryan Haley, P.Eng. 

Embedded Hardware Developer  – Electronics Engineering Team

Ryan brings a passion for electronics and a knack for problem-solving to Enginuity’s electronics team. His journey began with a deep interest in electronics, always eager to dive into troubleshooting and resolving complex issues.

Since earning his Electrical Engineering in 2015 from Dalhousie University, Ryan’s dynamic career has spanned the breadth of the ocean technology sector. He has honed his expertise at such innovative companies as Ultra Electronics, Innovasea, and J-Squared Technologies, where he worked with cross-functional teams and made contributions to various high-impact projects.

Ryan’s skill set is extensive and diverse, covering schematic and PCB design, firmware development, Design for Manufacturability (DFM) improvements, low power optimization, IoT device creation, and sensor integration. His ability to navigate the intricacies of electronics engineering has made him a valuable asset in driving innovation and technical excellence at Enginuity.

Ryan prides himself in fully understanding what the customer’s current needs and requirements are, not what has been said or done before. He is often heard espousing the mantra, “If a simplification can remove complexity, cost and risks, then it makes sense to do it.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can your team work with existing hardware?

Absolutely! Our team is well-equipped with an electronics lab that allows us to engage directly with existing hardware. Whether it involves testing, troubleshooting, or even reverse-engineering, we’re prepared to handle your needs with precision and care.

2. What design software can your team support?

Our go-to tools for design are Altium and KiCad, thanks to their robust features and versatility. However, we understand the importance of adaptability and are more than willing to explore and integrate into your preferred design software ecosystem to ensure seamless collaboration.

3. Can your team provide support during the manufacturing process?

Indeed, we can. Our team members bring a wealth of experience in the manufacturing process to the table. We’re here to offer our expertise in Design For Manufacturing (DFM) recommendations, helping to streamline your manufacturing process and enhance product quality.

4. Can you assist in obtaining CE and FCC certifications for my device?

Navigating the complexities of CE and FCC certifications is a challenge we’re familiar with. Enginuity has a track record of assisting clients through the certification process, ensuring your device complies with the necessary standards and regulations.

5. What range of applications do you cater to in electronics design?

Our electronics design services are broad and interdisciplinary, leveraging the collective expertise of our engineering departments to deliver exceptional value to our clients. We cater to a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

    • Product Development: Turning innovative ideas into tangible, market-ready products.
    • Aerospace and Defence: Designing electronics that meet the rigorous demands of aerospace and defence applications.
    • Industrial and Marine: Creating durable and reliable solutions for industrial and marine environments.
    • Industry 4.0: Implementing smart technologies for the next generation of manufacturing and industrial processes.
    Whatever your project entails, our team is ready to bring your vision to life with our comprehensive electronics design services. In support of these applications, our capabilities expand into many areas, including the development of node-based, low energy, and cellular communication devices, such as 4G/5G, Bluetooth, and LoRaWAN.
    We are adept at crafting advanced battery charging and management systems, and our expertise encompasses the design of medical and food-grade devices suitable for various industrial settings. Additionally, we provide tailored solutions for unique challenges, including farming, subsea, and hazardous environments, ensuring reliability and safety across diverse applications.

    6. Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) required to initiate a project?

    Absolutely! We often start with an NDA, especially when it comes to sharing preliminary design details. It’s a great way to ensure your intellectual property stays protected while we exchange ideas. By setting the correct terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties—you and Enginuity—we create a trusted environment to explore and develop your project safely and creatively.

    Request your NDA. Kickstart Your Project with Us Now.

    7. How do you provide the right solutions to difficult engineering challenges faced by clients?

    Our approach to tackling tough engineering problems combines careful planning, creative design, and thorough testing to make sure we meet your exact needs.

    We prioritize spotting and solving potential issues early, ensuring our solutions are not just effective but also innovative. As a team committed to excellence, we’re hands-on every step of the way, ensuring the end result is something we’re proud to deliver and you’re thrilled to use.

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