Driving Innovation with Robotics and Industrial Automation

Discover our expertise in robotics engineering and industrial automation, where we redefine innovation in Canada’s industrial landscape.

We excel in robotic process automation technologies, offering cutting-edge industrial automation solutions that significantly reduce time and labor.

Enginuity's Robotics and Industrial Automation projects for Canadian companies

Client communication, an open-door policy, and effective project management are central to our industrial automation projects.


Stay Competitive in the World that’s Heavily Automated

The days of keeping employees on your production line for 25 years are over. See what automation can do for you. 

In today’s heavily automated and competitive landscape, our expertise in industrial automation robotics is reshaping how industries function.

We focus on automating tasks that require intensive labor and repetitive movements, enhancing quality control and efficiency.

From Autonomous Robots to Material Handling 

We have experience designing, prototyping, and building large scale industrial automation projects in Canada and beyond borders.  

At Enginuity, we specialize in mechatronic engineering, seamlessly integrating electrical and mechanical expertise with our advanced robotic technologies. Our focus ranges from precision-controlled Stationary Robots to versatile Autonomous Robotics systems, tackling a broad spectrum of industrial tasks.

Our expertise covers material handling systems, sorting and inspection systems, robotics, palletizing and pick & place systems, as well as custom projects suited for customer’s needs.

Our Core Industrial Automation & Robotics Engineering Competencies

Our core competencies lie in industrial automation, PLC, machine vision, and robotics engineering, making us a top Canadian firm. We offer tailored solutions for Industry 4.0 automation, manufacturing, and robotics services


Control Design System

We provide our clients with expert control system design services, including PLCs, DCS, HMIs, and industrial networking, to ensure seamless control and monitoring. Our knowledge in communication protocols boosts system performance, efficiency, and reliability.


Industrial Automation

We enhance client operations with Industrial Automation services, merging efficiency and innovation. Our technical capabilities include remote and wireless I/O, sensors, embedded automation computers, HMIs, motion control systems, drives and motor control, networking & software development, all aimed at delivering progress for our customers.


Automation Equipment Design and Process

We deliver seamless automation through an integrated approach to equipment design and process, offering custom designs and turnkey implementations tailored to your specific needs. Post-installation, our maintenance and support capabilities ensure proper operation throughout the lifecycle of a system. 


Experience unparalleled robotics automation through our System Integration and Engineering services, tailored to meet your specific needs. We excel in Cobot, 6-axis, SCARA and Delta robots, as well as Vision Systems, AGVs, and other supporting technologies, to deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions for complex problems.


Machine Vision

Achieve manufacturing precision with our Machine Vision systems. We collaborate with leading computer vision firms to provide cutting-edge solutions such as traditional machine vision systems, extending to advanced vision solutions including high performance, high throughput inspection, AI-enhanced inspection systems, or R&D vision solutions.


SCADA and Data Acquisition

Our SCADA systems are at the heart of industrial automation, seamlessly integrating HMIs, RTUs, and PLCs for comprehensive real-time monitoring and control. We ensure smooth integration of SCADA and data analysis systems into existing infrastructure, ensuring our customers have correct, actionable insights for their process.


Process Instrumentation and Sensor Design

We deliver precision-focused Process Instrumentation Services and Sensor Design, employing advanced Level Measurement techniques for dependable monitoring of both liquid and solid levels. Our Servo Systems play a crucial role in robotics and automation, ensuring high-performance and reliability.


Safety Systems

Safety Systems play a pivotal role in ensuring workplace security and reducing operational risk. Our extensive experience in safety includes machine retrofits, functional safety assessments, and ground-up safety systems design. Our body of work also includes advanced safety designs, such as hoists, robotic workcells, and AGVs. 

See How We Are Shaping The World

Product Development

Everything you need to get your product development done quickly, creatively, and on budget.

Industry 4.0 & Robotics

Integrating traditional manufacturing and industrial platforms and practices with the latest smart technology.

Aerospace & Defence

Providing safe, controlled and reliable engineering for Aerospace and Defence projects.

Industrial & Marine

Helping you develop reliable engineering solutions for harsh environment offshore operations.

Our Automation & Control Engineering Teams’ Strength

Whether it’s the precise optimization of RF circuitry for seamless communication, the development of power-efficient embedded systems, or the innovative design of IoT devices and energy management solutions, each project showcases the strength of our electrical engineering team

louis manuge

John Hauser

Discipline Lead, Automation & Robotics

John finds beauty in integration. How varying components and systems can work seamlessly together is what drives him.

John graduated from Dalhousie University as a Mechanical Engineer. However, his passion for electronic systems and electrical design soon found him at Arrow Electronics. It was at the Fortune 500 company that he honed his skills in client relations and learned the intricacies of project management. True to brand, he enjoys complexity. He has extensive experience dealing with complex organizations and highly sensitive projects.

Clearly defining and understanding challenges and thus tailoring solutions that are appropriate in scope and scale, is what sets John apart from many of his contemporaries.

He manages his projects with the same analytical mind that he designs his systems. John has left an indelible mark on many successful jobs around the globe and will treat your endeavor with the utmost care and discretion it deserves.

We approach automation as a means to help create efficiency in your business and ultimately save you time and money.

From canned fish to beers and sea cucumbers, automation engineering technology is applicable and can be tailor-fit to a wide range of industries and processes — across different samples, sizes and rates.

Sorting Pharmaceuticals with Machine Vision and Robotics

Through machine vision and robotics, Enginuity was able to help Unbound Chemicals in their journey of recycling valuable pharmaceutical waste.


Doubling Food Production with Automation

With an ROI of approximately 2 years, IMO Foods in Yarmouth, NS has streamlined the packaging process of their popular Kersen Canned Fish, capturing all that is Industry 4.0. 


Enginuity’s Beer Serving Robot

In celebration of Atlantic Canada’s Brewing Industry, Enginuity decided to film and program a robot serving beer. How to order? Just flash a photo of the beer desired and give the robot a finger sign of how many beers you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Enginuity Inc. customize industrial automation solutions to fit specific industry needs?

At Enginuity Inc., we specialize in providing automation solutions tailored to the unique demands of various industry sectors, from small-scale operations to large enterprises. Our approach ensures that each solution precisely meets our clients’ specific requirements.

Enginuity Inc. stands out for our extensive experience in integrating diverse systems and our commitment to excellence. Our strategic location allows us to offer unique insights and tailored solutions that address the specific challenges of Atlantic Canada. We pride ourselves on achieving outstanding customer satisfaction, delivering projects on time, and surpassing expectations with our innovative and efficient solutions.

2. How do you integrate Machine Vision technology into existing manufacturing systems?

Enginuity Inc. possesses a wealth of experience in both developing custom solutions and integrating off-the-shelf components from our trusted brand partners for any project.  

We have successfully enabled numerous reputable clients to incorporate machine vision technology into their operations. Our expertise extends beyond mere hardware integration; the critical element of machine vision lies in training the system with customer-specific data or products and precisely calibrating it to seamlessly communicate and interact with other systems, whether through existing or custom-developed programmable logic.  

While each customer’s integration requirements may vary, our extensive experience ensures we approach every project with confidence and effectiveness, tailor-making solutions that meet and exceed expectations. 

3. What kind of support and maintenance do you offer for industrial automation systems post-installation?

We aim to establish support contacts as part of most projects. In addition to our warranty policies, Enginuity Inc is flexible in the scope of support, depending on the customer’s needs. Common support options include: 

  1. Scheduled check-ins to ensure proper operation and client satisfaction. 
  2. Remote access to the machine (where appropriate), to troubleshoot, train, and support in person or using a VPN gateway device in our equipment or connection through the client’s network. 
  3. Remote or on-site support on a “time and material” basis, as requested by the client. 
  4. Warranties that we offer depend on the contracts and applications; it’s best to consult with your assigned Project/ Program Manager.

4. What are your capabilities in SCADA for large-scale industrial environments?

Capturing data allows our clients to measure the effectiveness of their processes and strategies. Depending on our clients’ specifications, a SCADA can be deployed remotely or locally. SCADA systems allows its users to obtain a bird’s-eye view of their operations. 

We have deployed SCADA systems that monitor one system to a whole production line. Our team has a solid understanding of industrial networks, cloud or local databases configuration and connectivity, generate online reports, and alert appropriate staff on extraordinary conditions. We have managed to fill the gap between IT & OT in a facility and guide the maintenance crew to shift from reactive to proactive maintenance. 

5. What is your experience with integrating PLCs in diverse industrial applications?

Enginuity has extensive experience in integrating Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) across a wide variety of industrial applications, serving clients of all sizes, from large corporations to smaller enterprises.

Our methodology is centered around our clients, taking into account their specific needs, scalability requirements, and other factors to identify the most appropriate PLC solution. We have formed partnerships with several reputable brands, which enables us to offer customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

Our portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of PLCs, including high-performance, scalable systems from Omron, Allen Bradley, Siemens, and ABB, as well as specialized or cost-effective systems from Koyo, Crouzet, and Beckhoff.

6. Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) required to initiate a project?

Absolutely! We often start with an NDA, especially when it comes to sharing preliminary design details. It’s a great way to ensure your intellectual property stays protected while we exchange ideas. By setting the correct terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties—you and Enginuity—we create a trusted environment to explore and develop your project safely and creatively.

Request your NDA. Kickstart Your Project with Us Now.

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