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Designing for Harsh Marine Environments and Ocean Technology

Ocean Technology Atlantic Canada Design for Harsh Environments

Enginuity’s story began the same way that Atlantic Canada has developed into becoming a region with world-class ocean capabilities – with Ben Garvey, Founder and President, growing up on and around boats.

Ben had extensive marine experience prior to starting Enginuity and he brought this experience into the company he started in his basement.

From those first projects working on towed sonar arrays, winches and launch and retrieval systems, to today where we are putting robots on boats and designing in-ocean communications devices, we’ve always had an affinity for designing for the Marine Environment.

Enginuity has a proven track record of designing and engineering for harsh environments, and a very thorough understanding of the different factors and challenges that go into Marine Design.

What differentiates Enginuity, however, is our ability to incorporate different disciplines and capabilities into any marine project. The breadth and depth of our expertise and capabilities include mechanical design, electronics design, robotics and automation, numerical analysis, and much more.

Our ability to put a team together from many different disciplines coupled with experience in many sectors and geographies gives us an unrivalled competitive edge.

Some of our notable works in the Atlantic Canadian ocean sector include Oil and Gas installations with Oceanside Equipment Limited, Process Automation  with Clearwater Seafoods, A-Frames and deck handling gear with LeeWay Marine, and the SEA-Lift as a Launch and Recovery device for Kraken Robotics.

To go further into detail, let’s take a closer look at some examples of the work that we’ve done to support Atlantic Canada ‘s Ocean Technology Sector:

Leeway Striker

Image Source: LeeWay Marine

LeeWay Striker Vessel with LeeWay Marine

When Jamie Sangster of LeeWay Marine needed to respond to a customer request on very short notice, he got in touch on a Friday Night. From past experience, Jamie knew that Enginuity delivered high quality mechanical designs in a dynamic, interactive way.

The LeeWay challenge was to add an A-frame hoist and dive platform to their 22-meter LeeWay Striker survey vessel before its scheduled departure in three days. From that initial call to departure time, Enginuity worked through the weekend and designed & installed the new capabilities, leveraging its supply-chain relationships to ensure the Striker was outfitted and ready for service when it was needed most and during the early days of the pandemic.

As Jamie explains, “The team at Enginuity turned around our design request from concept to full package in less than three days. They designed a functional and elegant lifting and recovery solution for equipment, they put in the extra effort to assist in after-hours installation, ensuring everything worked as designed. We are proud to have Enginuity as a trusted partner for engineering and design services.”

Indeed, the rig was designed to be scalable and with minimal work is now being refit with hydraulic assists, further extending its utility.

You can find out more about the LeeWay Striker here.

enginuity bend restrictor

Enginuity Bend Restrictor

The open ocean is notoriously hard on sensing equipment and few places are rougher than the Bay of Fundy with its unmatched tidal flows. With the increasing complexity of oceanographic sensors, it is often necessary to have fibre optic and power connections to fully exploit their data collecting power.

Even though these cables are typically armoured, rough conditions can stress them beyond their design limits, especially at their terminations where sensor platforms can shift dramatically within their environment.

In response to this challenge, Enginuity has developed a line of bend restrictors to help ensure cable terminations do not exceed their design limits. Constructed from high density plastics or corrosion resistant metals, the Enginuity Subsea Bend Restrictor can help protect a costly investment in data and hardware in hostile ocean environments.

“Harsh environment engineering has always been at the core of what we do. Most people on the team have an affinity and first-hand experience with the ocean. Understanding the way the human designed systems interact with all aspects of the ocean environment is vital for industry, academia and humanity at large,” Enginuity Director of Business Development Alastair Trower said.

Enginuity is placing high priority on serving the marine community  and is continuously working on projects involving leading edge Ocean Technologies.

Our reliable, agile process combined with our capable team has consistently  been able bring their experience to bear and to figure out, design, and build solutions for whatever challenges the harsh environments of the ocean have required.


For more information, please contact us at info@enginuityinc.ca.

Enginuity is a part of Canada ‘s Ocean Supercluster. Find out more about them and Canada ‘s Ocean Technology Industry.

We also worked on some offshore engineering with oil and gas mooring connectors.

We also have a line of marine connectors: Sea-Line.


Got a problem that needs Marine Engineering and Mechanical Design?

Looking to design for harsh ocean environments?

We have experts that can do Finite Element Analysis (FEA), design validation, safety testing, and a lot more to make sure your product can withstand the harshest conditions. You can find out more about our mechanical design capabilities.


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