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Robotics have come a long way. Once accessible to only the largest companies, robots are now part of production, storage, and assembly lines in all business types and sizes.

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Almost any manufacturing or material handling process can be improved 

through automation by mechatronics.

Mechatronics is multidisciplinary engineering that leverages both electrical and mechanical systems and includes robotics, electronics, IT, communications, and command and control systems.

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For example: Consider a fish processing plant.

You have to buy or manufacture a can, clean and fill the can, put a lid on the can, sleeve it, package it, put it on a pallet, and ship it out.

A lot of hands touch that process, not just on the line, but in the form of manual data entry, counting parts, stacking pallets, and more.

We can replace those hands with robotic solutions, allowing them to perform higher value tasks elsewhere in the facility.

Enginuity connects all those dots and creates (or fixes!) a production line with speed, accuracy, and insight into the whole system.


Both Stationary and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) incorporate fully autonomous systems and can solve a wide range of challenges.

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QUESTION: Can Atlantic Canada’s Labour Shortage be Solved by Robotics?

Written by Nathan Field, Enginuity’s Robotics and Automation Manager

Nathan Field our lead and guru Mechatronics Engineer takes a moment to discuss the solutions to such a challenging issue facing our Atlantic community. He also dives into detail about options at different ROI levels with keen insight into the competitive advantage.

Our Robotic Engineering Services



Material Handling

including product processing, assembly, packaging, and palletizing, can be accomplished by a combination of robots and AMRs or autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs).

Multiple automated processes can be linked together to increase speed and accuracy, yield data, and allow for remote access.


Bin Picking Robots

streamline assembly and order fulfillment by selecting randomized items from bins.

This form of automation can calculate how to pick up items — from nuts and bolts to crabs and lobsters — no matter how they’re oriented, and with no prior programming.

Enginuity is proud to be the only provider of this technology in Atlantic Canada.


Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

can make your warehouse more efficient.


Other Services

  • Painting
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) checking
  • Large components retrieval and lifting
  • Machine tending (part feeding, reloading)


News and ideas involving our robotics capabilities.

Digital Twins and Reality Capture | Integrating SDMM’s Technology in our Discovery Process

Digital Twins and Reality Capture | Integrating SDMM’s Technology in our Discovery Process

“We’re looking forward to using this technology so we can go to our customers and say, ‘here’s our strategy, and we’re going to give you an option that’s grounded in reality. Not grounded in maybe’s, nor guess-timates.” To serve you better, we’re collaborating with SDMM to bring Digital Twins and Reality Capture technology to our Discovery Process. How does this help you? Find out more.

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Can Robotics and Automation Solve Atlantic Canada’s Labour Shortage?

Can Robotics and Automation Solve Atlantic Canada’s Labour Shortage?

Atlantic Canada is facing a labour shortage issue that is not altogether unique in North America, but has been exacerbated due many smaller, often distinct but accumulating reasons. What can a company do when they are losing employees and do not have anyone to fill the gap? They could find people, or as will be explored in this whitepaper, automate the tasks they were doing.

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