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Case Study – Process Improvement & Discovery

How We’re Helping Shivani’s Kitchen Increase Production

When Shivani Dhamija successfully pivoted and expanded her business in 2020, it was harder to keep up with the demand for their products more than ever. They were then looking to increase their production without significantly increasing costs – and so they asked for Enginuity’s help.

Shivani's Kitchen Ready to Use Sauces Increase Production
prototyping for nasa aethera enginuity

Case Study – Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace and Defense

Designing a Radio Frequency Processing Unit with 98% energy efficiency for the VASIMR thruster

Aethera Technologies sought out the help of Enginuity’s Mechanical Engineering and Design team in order to assist with the design one of the key components of Ad Astra Rocket Company‘s electric rocket system (VASIMR), the Ion Cyclotron Heater RF Processing Unit.

Together, Enginuity and Aethera were able to come up with a highly optimized design for this Power Processing Unit (PPU) that met the tight restrictions required for space propulsion – at 98% energy efficiency.


Case Study – Automation, Industry 4.0

Automating Sea Cucumber Grading with Industry 4.0

Ocean Pride Fisheries had a need to solve picking sea cucumbers accurately, efficiently, and with a low tolerance so they could move the labour force to another production line. New robotic vision sorting system designed, built, installed, and commissioned.

sea cucumber grading
prosaris enginuity ultrasonic leak detector product development prototype

Case Study – Product Innovation, Electronics Design

A look into prototyping and product development with start-up, Prosaris

Enginuity is helping Nova Scotia Start-Up Prosaris in developing their ultrasonic leak detector, the OL1 – radically changing the way we manage leaks.

Product Idea: An ultrasonic leak detector that can detect, locate, and manage the smallest of leaks. Highly applicable for industries such as oil and gas.

Product Development Process: Through Enginuity’s agile product development process – involving conceptual design, design validation, analysis, and design for manufacture (DFM).

Case Study – Product Innovation, Industrial Design

Developing a Cannabis Analyzer with Greenlight Analytical

James Wylde wanted to develop a prototype of a mass spectrometer that could sample cannabis in a simpler, more convenient way and provide faster and more accurate results. Enginuity’s Product Development team are helping them make it happen.

cannabis analyzer greenlight analytical enginuity
enginuity imo foods kersen automation robotics palletizing system

Case Study – Automation, Robotics, Industry 4.0

Doubling Food Production with Automation

IMO Foods in Yarmouth, NS has streamlined the packaging process of their popular Kersen Canned Fish, using Enginuity’s Robotics & Automation Team, capturing all that is Industry 4.0. With Enginuity’s Can Conveyance and Palletizing system, IMO can now double their production length to meet market demand with this food automation solution.

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