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Oceanology International 2022

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Meet Alastair “Alf” Trower!

Director of Business Development

Alf is your first point of contact at Enginuity. With over 25 years of client service and problem solving behind him; it’s pretty hard to surprise — or stump — Alf.

Your first conversation with Alf will answer key questions:

    • Is Enginuity the right fit?
    • Do we have relevant experience and expertise?
    • What coaching do you need to pull together the stuff we need to move forward?

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If it needs Engineering, it needs Enginuity.

What We Do

We solve technically challenging problems with pragmatic and cost-effective engineering solutions for new product development and innovative design.

Who We Are

Enginuity is a creative engineering consulting firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As a Canadian leader in design engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, and automation we serve clients in North America and around the world.

How We Work

Our unique product discovery process wraps a multidisciplinary team around your engineering, mechanical, electrical, commercialization, product development, and industrial design challenge or invention idea to develop exact-fit solutions.